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After a lot of trying, support has given up and told me not to ask again about this; "In order to provide the fullest and fastest support to our players, we won't be able to continue to respond to further messages specifically on this subject.", so I want to see if anyone here can help.

On Windows, I don't get the free Gold that's given occasionally "Only a few have reached this level, here's 5 gold". Also, and more importantly, I don't get the rewards from Kimmy's Arcade, so I'm continually low on boosters.

As I'm playing the latest levels, I can't play on Android because the new levels are released later, currently it's 90 levels behind Windows. The rewards from Kimmy's Arcade DO appear on Android.

At one point, support actually said "As for your inquiry about the gold bars, unfortunately, gold bars and boosters are saved directly in your device's memory", which is wrong, gold isn't stored on the device. That alone makes me question their knowledge.

They keep saying that nothing is wrong at their end, but it has to be there, I initially thought that it was my PC, but I get boosters from Mr Toffee, Team rewards, etc. It's just Kimmy's Arcade that doesn't work. If it was everything, it could be PC settings, but it's too specific for that.

Windows is up to date, my game is up to date. I did do a full uninstall, restart PC, and reinstall, which killed the few boosters I had left. No change.

Any thoughts anyone? I'm at the point where I'm wondering if I should just stop playing on Windows and wait for Android levels to get to where I can play them. That would mean not playing until a week on Friday (horrors!).

Thanks for reading, this was a bit of a lump, sorry.


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    Hello @Bricorn I never got that message ever. “Here’s 5 gold bars” Yeah, I noticed that the studio doesn’t treat every players the same. Too many devices, too many platforms. There are other games. Come back in a month or two on android.

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  • BricornBricorn Posts: 415 Level 3

    I don't know what level you're on, I only see it on the latest ones. I also don't know if it happens on Android. I may have to wait anyway, I've been on a nasty (7969) for 2 days already and don't think I'll get through it without boosters or gold, which I don't have.

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    While this thread is current, I lost my "friends". I know that this was deliberate, but I should have some widget that lets me add new ones, I don't have that, on Windows or on Android. Any idea's as to how to get it? Thanks.

    Edit; never mind, I found my "old" friends list in and have send requests to all, hopefully some will OK that. Then I'll just have to wait for the Social Hub feature to turn up to add more.

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