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🎿 Let the Soda Winter Games begin! (FINISHED)

Nix66 Posts: 19,877 Sweet Legend
edited February 2022 in Contests
Welcome Sodalicious players! ⛄️

As the Olympics get under way it seems like the perfect time to get the Soda Winter Games started as well! ⛷

Values upheld in both competitions include:







Only the best of the best will make it to the podium!

This Soda Winter Games Individual competition will include posting only the best of the best of your top placing scores from the best of the best and hardest levels.🥇🥈🥉

The race is on to individually reach the highest total score by combining together all of your qualifying scores! Give it your best! 💪😉💪

Only the best of the best levels and scores will count towards your total. That means only Hard, Super Hard, or Ultra Hard levels will count. That also means only those levels where your score is among the top three in the high score list will count. 🙌

🎿 How to Participate and the Rules 🎿

Play any Hard, Super Hard, or Ultra Hard level, score in the top three for that level, and then post the newly acquired screenshot.

No older screenshots in order for fair play.

No playing offline also in order for fair play.

No editing of screenshots with the exception of adding a personal touch to mark as your own.

The level number, the word ‘Next’, and avatar within the top three scores must be showing.

Each level may only be posted once.

Each player may post 3 screenshots per Game day (which will be announced daily).

Each player will need to summarize the total of all their scores attained. It may be done daily or all at once at the end of the competition.

Here is an example of an acceptable entry:

🤩 Prizes 🤩

All participants that post a valid entry will receive this beautiful participation badge created by the talented @bearwithme.

The top three players who have the highest total combined scores will also receive an additional winner’s badge denoting the Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishes!🏅

As if that’s not enough already 😲 there will also be Gold Bar prizes! 💰

1st top scorer will earn 40 Gold Bars!!!

2nd top scorer will earn 20 Gold Bars!!

3rd top scorer will earn 15 Gold Bars!

In the event of tied scores the player to have first reached the total will be considered the top scorer and winner.

🏂 Duration 🏂

This Individual Soda Winter Game will remain open until Feb 18th 11am EST.

Terms and Conditions here

Want to take part but don’t have a Community account yet? Sign up 👉 HERE 👈 in seconds!



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