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Long Time Crusher, First Time Posting

BooDTX Posts: 21 Pro Player 👑
edited February 2022 in Discussions

Howdy! Just stumbled across this CC community and thought I'd give it a go. I'm a long time soda crusher. Playing mostly non-competitively as a way to balance out life's daily stress. Anyway, I'm excited to be a newbie in this community and looking forward to participating more soon.

🌎. Where are you from? Dallas, Texas

🗺. What level you are at Candy Crush Soda? 3336

🎡. Name a hobby! Arts & Crafts / Travel / Live Entertainment


  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,081 Soda Moderator
    edited February 2022

    Hello @BooDTX and welcome to Soda communty

    It's nice to get to know you! Hope you'll have a great time here in the community too.

    I've also been playing Soda for some time, I'm currently at level 4390 (I'm not that competitive too 😄) and I help moderate Soda community (as a volunteer) along with fellow mods @Yosca and @Nix66.

    This forum is a place where you can find previews of what's going on in Soda game:

    • Do you have Love Season in your game? Do you like/dislike it? Feel free to share your feedback with us and the Soda Game Studio here
    • Do you have Social Hub? Are you adding players from your in-game events to your friends list? Would you also add community users as friends? If yes, share your personal code or add codes here

    You can also take part in community contests for a chance to win gold bars in your game. Check them out here

    Other useful infos:

    • visit this guide here if you need help with navigating this site
    • visit our Help Center here available in 22 languages if you need any help in the game. Or ask a question (in English) in our support section here. We'll be happy to help.

    Go ahead and ask if you have any questions. See you around 🤗

  • BooDTX
    BooDTX Posts: 21 Pro Player 👑

    Thank you @Pitty_Kitty! That was very helpful.

  • BooDTX
    BooDTX Posts: 21 Pro Player 👑

    @Nix66 Thank you! And yes, I posted my introduction yesterday. :)

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