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(Finished)🎿 Soda Winter Games Team Race🎿

Nix66 Posts: 19,877 Sweet Legend
edited March 2022 in Contests

The 2022 Soda Winter Games Team Race is on!!! ⛄️⛄️⛄️

Welcome to all of the players from the 12 teams competing in this competition! 🏂🏂🏂

Please keep in mind the values of the Games:








⭐️ Team Goal

Your team is challenged to reach the target goal of scoring 25,000,000 total points! 🤩

⭐️ How to Participate and the Rules

Each team member may post 1 screenshot per Game Day.

Game Days will be officially announced.

Each screenshot cannot exceed 600,000 points.

Each team member must post a contributing score at least once during the competition.

Each team’s spokesperson will provide a team score summary at least once a week.

No restrictions at all on the levels you may choose to submit. You read that correctly! Any level on any day is acceptable.

Only newly acquired screenshots, please, for a fair competition. Levels need to be played or replayed during the competition.

Each screenshot must include the word ‘Next’ along with nothing being edited out. No editing whatsoever.

You may, however, add your name, initials, or a small marking to your screenshot as long as it does not obstruct the view of anything.

The team to first reach the goal or get closest to it first will be considered the 1st Place winning team.

The second team to reach the goal or get closest to it will be considered the 2nd place winning team.

The third team to reach the goal or get closest to it will be considered the 3rd place winning team.

No ties. No tiebreakers. It is a race after all!

⭐️ Prizes

This participation badge will be awarded to all those from the competing teams that take part and post scores in the competition!

Also the top 3 winning teams will receive winner’s badges denoting Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishes along with Gold Bars!

🥇1st Place team will win 120 Gold Bars!!!

🥈2nd Place team will win 60 Gold Bars!!

🥉3rd Place team will win 45 Gold Bars!

⭐️ Duration

Competition will last until March 4th 9am EST.

Terms and Conditions here

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