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What is wrong with my boosters and the game?

Hell66 Posts: 755 Pro Player 👑

So I was playing yesterday and all was fine. I played level 480 and all was good. Then all of a sudden my ”pre” boosters was locked 🔒 again on every level.

So I closed the game and turned of my phone, waited for 30 seconds and turned it on again and logged in the game to find that ALL of my pre boosters was totally home!

Then I tryed to play just to find out that ALL of my ”in game” boosters was also gone!

I know that I had 6 lollipops, 6 striped lollies and 5 hands.

I won Kimmys arcade so I won a lot of boosters,

And the season pass rewards was gone from eoner day to the next so I bought the deluxe pass and saved almost all of them for the last day.

But when the pre and in game boosters was lost so was all of the deluxe

pass also! 😡

And five times yesterday I had to watch a tutorial on the four in row, how to join a team and bake a cake.

I know al that, I am in a team and got the most points there

And the noble path or what it’s called starts over every time.

Why is there a ! on the season pass when the game ripped me of all of my boosters there?

I want s refund and ALL of my boosters both the pre boosters and in game boosters and and all that I payed real money 💰 on to get when the game stole my won boosters!!!

This last pic shows how many pre boosters I had BEFORE I won Kimmys arcade.

@Pitty_Kitty @Lola_Pop @Nix66


  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,136 Soda Moderator

    Hello @Hell66

    I'm sorry to hear about this.

    unfortunately for your lost items, especially the ones you purchased, you'd need to contact Player Support to ask for a refund. Please follow the instructions above

    Something odd is happening to your game. And this keeps happening after trying troubleshooting again, correct?

    Then let's try find out what's going on

    I see the "!" icon on my seasonal icon too even though I finished it and claimed all the boosters so that may be not related to what's going on here.

    • but did seasonal pass begin again in your game with new quests to complete after this glitch? it's hard for me to tell, since I see different deadlines on your screenshots. Do you still see quests after finishing the seasonal pass?
    • do you still see locked boosters?
    • Where do you play Soda?
    • what device do you use? (make and model)
    • what is the latest version of your device operating system (e.g Android 11, iOS 15 etc)
    • Does your device have at least 2 GB of free storage?
    • what is the latest versiond of your Soda app?
    • What is your game ID?


  • Hell66
    Hell66 Posts: 755 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @Nix66 and @Pitty_Kitty

    No I did not uninstall my game.

    I just closed it by pressning on the ”house” ikon, then turned of the phone and waited 30 seconds and turned it on and then was all my pre boosters gone & so was the in game boosters.

    But all none exicting boosters was not locked.

    The season pass starts over like I showed on the preavius pics.

    No it don’t start over with new quests,

    I just tap on one of the green claim button and then it starts to go from 1 to 22 cleared quests.

    Thats why it is different quests and deadlines on the pics.

    And then it ticks of all the rewards both the free and the ones I payed to get when free dissapeared the first time it happend.

    I play on a IPhone 6s

    IOS 15.4.1

    1.214.5 is the latest update I found today.

    Yes I have 2 GB storage.

    9641859720 is my User ID.

    Where do I play Soda? At home, Sweden

    I hope I answerd al the questions.


  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,136 Soda Moderator
    edited April 2022

    Hello @Hell66

    Mischief Season ended so the icon should be gone from your app. I'm not sure we'll ever know what happened to the pass.

    hope you got your lost prizes back from Player Support🙏

    Do your boosters keep being locked up even with season event gone?


  • Hell66
    Hell66 Posts: 755 Pro Player 👑

    I haven’t played after 10 am today so I don’t know.

    I coulden’t find were I was supost to do my claim for lost boosters and GoldBars.

    So no I have not recieved my lost boosters and gold bars 😔


  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,136 Soda Moderator

    Hello @Hell66 !

    The only way to ask for a refund is to contact Player Support:

    Contact Player Support from mobile devices: open soda app - visit settings- click "?" Icon- visit "purchases and golds bars"- "why haven't I received my purchase"- scroll down and click "contact us". Explain your problem and send.

    If you don't play Soda on mobile device then contact Support from here. It might be helpful to add your game user ID in the form so your gaming account can be easily located by support. How to find your user ID: here

    Please read here for more infos on how to ask for a refund.


    as for the locked boosters issue, let me know if this keeps happening again

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