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Soda Saga Level 1392 Really????

GlendielooGlendieloo Posts: 1 Newbie

Will someone PLEASE move me off this utterly ridiculous level. I fully realise that the game should be challenging but I don't think pointless is the right idea. I don't have the money to buy lives or boosters etc but coming on here several times a day to try to complete this stupid level is getting boring. BORING. It's bad enough nobody is receiving lives anymore, at least that gave a few extra goes each time. I'm going to have to consider dropping this particular game which is a shame because it's always been a favourite.

I'm losing the will to live here, please sort it out.


  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 5,866 Soda Moderator

    Hello @Glendieloo and welcome to Soda community!

    Yep, this is a nightmarish level 😅 Unfortunately it's not possible to skip a level

    I think boosters are needed here, especially the timed ones. I was able to pass it with 2 hours of unlimited coloring candy from daily bonus and many lost lives that were stored. (About the issues of not receiving lives from team mates, the Game Studio is currently working on a fix. When it will be rolled out to players an update will be posted on this support thread here)

    Which device do you use to play Soda? And which features do you have on the map? Do you get daily bonus and "4 in a row"?

    In this level double delish fish booster would be very helpful too, I might add, since it doubles all the fish you release on the board and fish target honey blockers. double delish fish is one of the 3 daily bonuses you might receive when you open the game daily

    I was able to finally make room in the first half of the board where fish are dropped and match color bomb+fish first thing and then color bomb+ striped candy

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