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☀️ What's summer like where you live?



  • andreah1
    andreah1 Posts: 4,027 Level 3

    I live in the mid-atlantic section of the US. Summer has it's ups and downs, this year it started out wet but the past few weeks have been mainly beautiful, sunny and warm. Not too warm though. It's been in the 70's and 80's which is perfect for me. I love summer and wish that I could soak up all the heat and store it for winter! We do a lot of grilling and just about every weekend there is a party to go to whether it be graduations, weddings, or just "let's get together"!

    ALIXKATERINE Posts: 317 Level 3

    @Yosca I'm sorry. I forget to translate because of the emotion at the moment. I'm really inspired by answering your questions.🤭 📄 ✍🏻 🧐 🎈

    Thank you for reminding me!!! 🫶🏻

  • gordan10
    gordan10 Posts: 10,930 Level 5

    Hi @FluffyDinosaur and thank you for tagging me @Diamond_Lim 🙂

    •What are some typical summer activities?

    I live in Nebraska where we have many state lakes and beaches, perfect for camping, boating, fishing, etc. Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is also a popular attraction.

    •Do you love or hate summer?

    I love summer. I love that I can walk outside in my bare feet. I love that everything is green and colorful and we have long days. I love spending time with my family on a pontoon when the sun is setting and everything is quiet.

    •What's the weather usually like?

    Hot and humid. Thunderstorms, tornado warnings

  • LeFlarcane
    LeFlarcane Posts: 19,674 Level 5

    Hello there @FluffyDinosaur and my friends!

    I am from the Philippines 🇵🇭

    • What are some typical summer activities?
    • My summer activity is the exploration of the beach, these beautiful islands and beaches that can be found in my country. It's so scalding and humid to live.
    • Do you love or hate summer?
    • I love the Summer Season but that's for me, but some of the people who hate Summer Season because its very hot to survive.
    • What's the weather usually like?
    • Yeah! So the weather is so scalding and it's more often sunny weather in our country, but sometimes it's raining, windy or cloudy weather forecast.
  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,378 Jelly Moderator

    Summer in my country 🇬🇷 is like this:

    Temperature is mostly high, but at night not so much!

    People like outdoors activities! Swimming, water sports, beach volley, or just walking!

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,822 Friends Moderator

    Hi@FluffyDinosaur, I live in Germany and our summer is mixed.

    What are typical summer activities?

    Holidays by the sea or by the ocean. Eating ice cream. Listen to nature in shady places. 

    Do you love or hate summer?

    Neither yes nor no. I take the summer as it is. When it's too hot, I don't like summer that much. With pleasant and not too hot temperatures, I love summer.

    What is the weather usually like?

    We have a little bit of everything. Sometimes it is cool and raining. Sometimes there is tropical heat and we can't do as many activities. Many people then have problems with their circulation. 

  • Terri_1
    Terri_1 Posts: 2,453 Level 4

    Yes there is a lot and it gets very bad

  • FarmerB
    FarmerB Posts: 403 Level 3

    I live in Texas and this image explains the current summer weather

    It's definitely hotter than recent summers and right now I just rather stay indoors in the A/C lol. To make matters worse is our energy company keeps asking us to try and conserve energy at peak hours because of the demand on the grid.

    It's hot! 🥵🔥🌡

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,073 Level 5

    Hi @FluffyDinosaur

    I'm from South Africa, Cape Town (winter at the moment), when its summer its hot, hot, hot & windy because of being close to the coast. Its about 10 - 20 min drive to the closest beaches depending on traffic.

    Some activities done during sumer, of cause going to the beach, having a braai (BBQ), sitting by the pool, eating ice-cream, hiking in the mountains, staying away from the baboons (haha). Checking out the flee markets.

    Theres not much relief from heat at night and bites from the mosquitoes! There's plenty other things to do as surfing, riding ostriches (at your own risk). And best of all gaming!

    Thanx for the tag @Diamond_Lim

  • Beth_Mc_Hugh
    Beth_Mc_Hugh Posts: 153 Level 3
    edited July 2022

    I live in Arizona. It's extremely hot here in the summer. Yesterday's high was 115° and today's high will be 111°. Thankfully its rarely humid, 15% today. Some of the activities include hiking, trails usually close at 11am due to poor air quality, risk of dehydration and heat advisories. Swimming is a favorite here. Air conditioning is absolutely necessary and every store has free cold water in bottles. We also get monsoons/dust storms, that cause deadly winds, torrential rain causing floods and dangerous cloud to ground lightning. Arizona is a popular tourist state. The Grand Canyon, Seguaro National Park, Superstition Mountains, which is said to have gold treasures hidden among them. We live in the valley and are surrounded by beautiful mountains. Drive a few hours north to the "high country" and temperatures drop down below zero in the winter when skiing is popular.

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