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☀️ What's summer like where you live?



  • Amoonmoon
    Amoonmoon Posts: 20,744 Level 5

    Hi @FluffyDinosaur

    I live in Jordan

    What are some typical summer activities?

    There's no specific activity.

    Do you love or hate summer?

    Um yes or no

    All seasons of the year I see it has pros and cons, so I'm trying to adapt to it.

    What's the weather usually like?

    Varies by region

    In the city The temperature is relatively higher than in rural areas.

    The countryside is nice and humid

    In general Moderate and dry...

  • Peanut7139
    Peanut7139 Posts: 1,646 Level 4

    Really hot, over heated, and I also hate summer. Looking forward to the fall weather and then some white winter snow.

  • criscount
    criscount Posts: 403 Pro Player 👑

    I live in Western, Colorado, USA. It is considered "High Desert" . July is our hottest month but also the month we should get rain showers. We've been lucky to have a bit of rain this year. yay! All this week we are supposed to be in the mid to upper 90,'s .Today 95 hot! Dry but not humid. At night mid 60's.

    Typical outdoor activities are concerts or watching people kayak or paddle board at Riverview Park. Lots of golf courses here as well. Eating outside and walks on one of the many walking trails.

    I personally like Winter better or actually Autumn. But in the Spring or Summer I can drive for 35 mins and be in a 10- 15 degree cooler town because they are at a higher elevation. As written above at night you can have a 30 degree difference easily.

  • FaRayha
    FaRayha Posts: 1,493 Level 5


    I live in Pakistan (Karachi city). summer season is going on and monsoon season is also started so weather is very humid and temperature is very high and no other activities for this season but its also the vacation time for children so people like to visit on Beaches or farm enjoy summers..

  • spoekie
    spoekie Posts: 10,106 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @FluffyDinosaur,

    I live in central Italy, in the Provence of Ancona. Depending on traffic it takes 30/45min. to reach the beach from where I live. Summers are hot and humid, up to 40°C. A heat wave is going on since since more than a month causing rivers drought and water use restrictions.

    Activities are swimming, beach volley, snorkling, diving, sailing, shopping, walks, sipping cold drinks on terraces, eating in one of the many beach resto's, name it!

    There are several National & Regional Parcs to visit with spectacular panoramic views. Attent festivals, concerts. The regio has a lot to offer.

    Although I like the summer I have to remain mostly in a A/C place for health reasons.

    Thank you @Diamond_Lim for the tagging 🌻

  • MiladyR
    MiladyR Posts: 10,650 Level 5
    • Hi @FluffyDinosaur I live the Eastern part of the U.S. Our weather has been hot, humid with afternoon thunderstorms. I don't like it when the weather is unstable (sunny then stormy, hot then cool), it gives me migraines. I love sunny warm and dry days. Some of our summer activities are going to the beach, golfing, amusement parks, root for our baseball team and family BBQs. 😎⚾️

  • Reptilian
    Reptilian Posts: 101 Level 2

    I am sooo cold!!

    I live in Australia and right now it is the middle of winter!! Although starting in September is spring!!

    hope you guys are nice and warm as I am sooo cold!!!

  • FluffyDinosaur
    FluffyDinosaur Posts: 2,406 Community Manager

    Wow that's so beautiful!!

    Thank you everyone who has shared so far - it's so cool and interesting to hear more about different places in the world. You're all awesome!

  • xBlossomx
    xBlossomx Posts: 5,653 Level 4

    Hi lim. It's very hot where I live at the moment. Not uesd to being hot. It usually rain 's alot. I. Going to post a picture of some footballer who plays candy crush saga. You will be amazined at the level he's on.

    Soo good. 🎩off to him.👏👏👏

  • namal_butt_01
    namal_butt_01 Posts: 1,935 Level 4
    edited July 2022

    I live in Pakistan where temperature usually goes more then 45 degrees 🥵 I hate summers but one best thing about summers is that there are alot of mangoes 🥭 in this season 😋😋

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