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Finished - 🍬 Win Gold and Boosters by creating a Booster 🍭

Yosca Posts: 12,663 Soda Moderator
edited December 2022 in Contests

Hello Soda Crushers!

Are you ready for another contest? 💪

This contest is about creating Color Bombs and Coloring Candy.

Each booster is worth points! 🤩

🤔 How does it work?

Create as many Color Bombs and Colored Candy as you can.

Add up the points of the boosters to find the grand total.

🧮 The points

A Color Bomb is worth 5 points!

A Coloring Candy is worth 10 points!

Color Bomb + Coloring Candy next to each other is a bonus worth 20 points!

🧐 Rules

You can post up to 15 screenshots!

You may play any level!

You may replay the same level!

You must have made at least 3 moves!

The score points on your screenshot must be higher than 100!

Don’t cut anything off your screenshot; the level number must be visible!


50 Gold Bars for the player with the most points

40 Gold Bars for the second best player

30 Gold Bars for the next best player

Extra *booster prizes for randomly drawn players:

1 x 24 hours free lives

1 x striped lollipop hammer

1 x Color Bomb

1 x lollipop hammer

*booster prizes can unfortunately only be sent to players of Soda game app on mobile devices and Win10/11

📅 Duration

This contest ends Friday, December 16th at 8pm CET

Want to participate? Sign up here in 2 seconds!

Find Terms and Conditions here



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