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Ended - 💖 💘 Candy Crush Soda Saga - Very Special Valentine’s Day Event 💖 💘

Yosca Posts: 14,892 Soda Moderator
edited February 2023 in Contests

Welcome Sodalicious Crushers!

Below you will see a crossword puzzle with clues to each of the words. All the answers are related to Game Name (CCS, CCSS etc.), but one of them also is a word that is associated with Valentine’s Day, the special word is not one most associated with Valentine's Day! 😉

You need to solve the puzzle and you write your answers on the puzzle and post it using the spoiler. Instead of using the spoiler, you can also attach your puzzle with the words written down as an attachment using the paperclip below.


1 - the bat that will help you find a wonder ball

2 - you can find them in honey levels

4 - this booster removes one color from the board

6 - the name of the girl who lives in Candy Town


3 - you see them in Social Hub and can send them a life 

4 - in the game you see them as striped and wrapped

5 - the name of the blue turtle

7 - what is the name of Kimmy’s purple friend

8 - the troll spreads this sticky stuff

Make sure you make note of the word you think is associated with Valentine’s Day. Because to enter the contest in the HUB HERE, you will need to write down from all 7 contests the game and the word you think best represents Valentine’s Day. 

Once you have posted your answer (using the spoiler or paperclip) in the HUB, you will get this Very Special Valentine’s Day badge:

Five players with the correct solution of the puzzle, will be randomly selected and will win 20 Gold Bars in their Candy Crush Soda Saga game! 💝💝

This contest will run until 16.00 CET (4pm CET) 17 February 2023

Have Fun and Happy Valentine’s Day 💗

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