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[ENDED] Pop coloring candies and win Gold Bars!

Pitty_Kitty Posts: 13,003 Soda Moderator
edited June 2023 in Contests

Hello Soda Players!

How many coloring candies can you pop?

🎨How to participate:

  • Play any Soda level you want
  • Take a screenshot of the moment a coloring candy has been activated.
  • Also take a screenshot of the score below Kimmy or Piggy Bank. Don't know how to take a screenshot? Check this out
  • New: you may take multiple screenshot of the board in the same gameplay session. Maximum 3 board screenshots and 1 score screenshot of the same gameplay session can be accepted
  • Post the pictures, board screenshots and score screenshot make one entry
  • Count the exploding coloring candies of your entries
  • Post more entries and add up all your coloring candies to find a grand total

In case you're not sure, this is what a coloring candy looks like:

Example of valid entry:



Added on June 4th: read more details HERE

As always, if you post one entry per comment, it's very much appreciated, thanks!

  • You may take a screenshot as soon as the coloring candy explodes and tiny color bubbles appear on the board or you may wait for the moment all the board candies get painted.
  • Intact (not activated) coloring candies on board are not considered
  • You may count more than one coloring candies on one board screenshot if they've been captured in the moment of action and if we can tell them apart
  • Coloring candies matched with boosters are not considered
  • If you match 2 coloring candies together, the explosion is counted only once
  • You may play as many levels as you want
  • You may replay the same level but you must submit a different score
  • You may not submit old screenshots, cropped and manipulated screenshots; you may not cover level number, score and avatar
  • There will be no tie-break in case of multiple identical entries. Whoever posts first, gets higher position in the ranking


  • Player with highest total wins 50 gold bars
  • Player with second highest total wins 30 gold bars
  • Player with third highest total wins 30 gold bars
  • 2 players will be randomly selected and win 20 gold bars each


  • Contest ends on June 16, 6 pm CEST

Terms and Conditions here

Want to participate but have no account yet? Then sign up HERE





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