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Ended-🏝️Enter the Summer Sand and Sun 🦑 Global Contest event in CCSS for a badge & chance for Gold☀️

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Hello Sodalicious Players!

Welcome to the Summer Sand & Sun ☀️ 2023 Global Contest event 🏖️

There are seven contests located throughout the community with the final contest located in the Community Hub. You need to spot the differences between the two images in each contest for a chance to win 20 GB in that game and then go to the Community Hub HERE and list which difference you thought was the most challenging/hardest to find in each contest for the chance to win 50 GB in the game of your choice! There are no right or wrong answers when listing which difference you thought the most challenging in each game. 

Please look at the two images below 👇

Can you spot all 10 differences between the original image #1 and image #2?

You can either list the differences using the spoiler or else attach an image using the paperclip with the differences circled.

Everyone who enters and correctly spots all 10 differences has a chance to be one of the 5 lucky winners who will win 20 Gold Bars in their CCSS game

Make sure you enter all 7 contests before entering the contest in the hub. You don’t have to play all 7 games to enter each contest (you can always make a comment that you don’t play a particular game 😉). Once you have found all the differences, make sure you enter the Hub contest for a chance to win 50 Gold Bars in the game of your choice! Everyone who enters the contest in the Hub will win this Summer Sand & Sun Badge:

The competition will run until 4 August 2023, 16:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) , 4 PM CEST

Have Fun! 😎

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