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Did anyone else lose their win streak?

Kerrie Posts: 2,439 Level 4

My win streak disappeared!😭

I played Saturday morning and this was my win streak at 9:32am.

This is from 6:25pm and my streak is gone.🀷

Here is my map at 7:30pm. You can see I passed all levels between 9093 and 9114 on the first try.

Why is my win streak gone? The levels I played in bake a cake I passed on first try too.

@Pitty_Kitty @yos (Sorry yos the screen jumped and I accidentally tagged you😭) @Yosca


  • jimijimcat
    jimijimcat Posts: 57 Level 2

    Yes! EVERY TIME THIS STUPID GAME CRASHES!!! IT'S NOT JUST DURING ADS ANYMORE... IT'S CRASHED TWICE IN 24 HOURS WHEN I TOUCH A COLORING CANDY AND A COLOR BOMB! It's like it knows I'm about to devour all the candy on the board and it says no way I'm hungry too! And it's costing me progress it cost me boosters it cost me levels and it's pressing my patience to say the least! They need to fix this issue where I'm kicking this damn game to the curb just like it does me!

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