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🧸🍫 Have you played Grow-A-Bear? We want your feedback! 🫵

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Joining the Carnival Season of Soda is the new game feature Grow-A-Bear! 🧸🍫 Complete levels to gather coins, use them to buy chocolate for your bear, and watch them grow!

🧸🍫 Grow-A-Bear is available in the game in the two following schedules:

Schedule 1

  • February 1st - February 8th
  • February 9th - February 16th

Schedule 2

  • February 1st - February 4th
  • February 6th - February 9th
  • February 11th - February 14th

For this event, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback on this feature! Here are some questions directly from the developers - so let’s hear it! We want to make Soda a better game, so here’s your chance to give us your honest feedback and for us to listen in.

  1. What was your experience with Grow-A-Bear? Did you find it fun? 📝
  2. Do you have any favorite parts of Grow-A-Bear? ✨
  3. Are there any strategies you use to help the bear grow? 🏆
  4. Any cool ideas to make this even better? We're eager to hear your ideas! 💭

You can also rate your experience with Grow-A-Bear between 1-10 (10 = high) in the poll below! The votes are anonymous and it will not display your vote in the thread.

Now finally, do you want to showcase your progress with Grow-A-Bear? Head over to the Carnival Season thread and share it there to gain an exclusive community badge!

🧸🍫 Have you played Grow-A-Bear? We want your feedback! 🫵 46 votes

1. I didn't like Grow-A-Bear! 👎👎👎
6% 3 votes
2. Grow-A-Bear wasn't very fun! 👎👎
13% 6 votes
3. Grow-A-Bear wasn't to my liking. 👎
0% 0 votes
4. Grow-A-Bear was so-so. 🤨
15% 7 votes
5. I didn't mind Grow-A-Bear. 😐
4% 2 votes
6. Grow-A-Bear was all right. 🙂
6% 3 votes
7. Grow-A-Bear was not too bad! 😀
2% 1 vote
8. Grow-A-Bear was pretty fun! 👍
19% 9 votes
9. Grow-A-Bear was awesome! 👍👍
17% 8 votes
10. Grow-A-Bear was the best Soda event yet! 👍👍👍
15% 7 votes


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