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Anyone has tips on how to advance on newer levels?

Jared_ButtryJared_Buttry Posts: 265 Level 3
edited December 2020 in Discussions

I’m on level 3124, there’s currently 5950 levels in game. How do I advance levels really fast all the way to the current level without spending significant amounts of money? Unlike most other King games that I play, I found almost every single level at least hard difficulty even with rainbow streaks, timed boosters & on some cases rainbow kimmies. I watched some of the videos, they used rainbow streaks and/or timed boosters. When I earned over 400 lollipops in Bubblegum Hill last year, I only managed to advance only 70 levels upward when I was near level 3000 when I used all of the lollipops. Only managed to get supersonic lolly booster twice.


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