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New Event: Kimmy's prize delivery!

2much2much Posts: 73 Level 3

My new idea: Kimmy's prize delivery!

Here's the description:

You will have several weeks of levels, and you will have 15 teammates. You need to complete 75 levels in 2 weeks, so that you could have some sweet treats. Event lasts for 6 weeks, so make sure your team passes all 225 levels for that time. Event is repeating within 2 weeks, so don't worry if you don't pass all the levels at your first try.


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  • johan1082010johan1082010 Posts: 1,391 Level 5
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 497 Level 3


    Does one player only have to complete three levels in two weeks?

    This is too little to receive prizes for it.

    If I misunderstood you, sorry. I communicate using google translator.

  • 2much2much Posts: 73 Level 3

    No, because you and your teammates can use your team strategy to complete the levels.

    But, some levels will be classed as Hard and Super Hard, but(lucky you)there won't be any Ultra Hard levels.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 497 Level 3

    Sorry, I still don't understand you.

    What strategy are you talking about?

    I asked you a global question. Do you want a team of 15 people to complete 75 levels in two weeks?

    Yes or no?

    I alone can go through 75 levels in 1-2 days.

    That's why I wrote that this is too small to claim prizes for such an achievement, designed for 15 players.

  • 2much2much Posts: 73 Level 3

    There are 16 teammates in a team, including you. Yes, i do want that, but i told you already that there will be some Hard and Super Hard levels(including the last one, which is a Super Hard Honey level)and i told that if you run out of lives, so your teammates can help you by sending lives to you. They can also run out of lives, so don't be greedy, send lives to other players to get a tasty reward! You can get two, five, ten or even divine 20 gold bars!

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 497 Level 3


    Your idea looks like a copy of Soda Teams.

    There are only two differences.

    1. The team has 17 players (I don't know why exactly 17), not 12 like in Soda Teams.

    2. Prizes are not boosters, but gold.

    I don't mind making gold. But the gold you want to receive does not have to be earned. It will simply fall from the sky, because only 3 levels in two weeks is like lying on the couch for 2 weeks and getting up from it only 3 times and going to the store for groceries))).

    I will not comment on your idea anymore.

    Good luck.

  • Cyn325Cyn325 Posts: 4 Newbie

    Trying to get help about my game.

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