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  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,212 Level 3
    edited February 2021

    Dim, hello!

    I am shocked and at the same time delighted that I saw a video in Russian on the community website. Here you can only in English)))). And I don't know the language (.

    And I have not seen such videos here at all!

    I am very pleased.

    What I want to tell you.

    1. Thanks for the video.

    2. You impressed me not only as a person who is passionate about his work, but also as an interested person-player (6 years!). This is cool.

    3. Thanks for adapting the game in Russian. I play less than you. And I even got used to the English version. But the game is much more pleasant in the native language. You understand, right?

    4. I want to ask you, what did you mean when you said "cultural adaptation"?

    In Game?

    In the community?

    What are we talking about?

    5. Sorry, but I don't understand why a whole team is needed to adapt the game. One person can translate everything. And one more person can "draw" everything. Here I must be a kettle.

    5. And I have some complaints about the game itself. But, you see, I've already gotten used to 5 Candy games and I understand that CCSS is the most advanced.

    Dim, success in the game, and most importantly in your work.

    And thanks again for the video!

    Steep move.

    Дим, привет! (Under the spoiler, the same text, only in Russian.)

    Я в шоке и одновременно в восторге, что я увидела на сайте сообщества видео на русском. Здесь же только на английском можно)))). А я язык не знаю(.

    И я вообще не видела здесь подобных видео!

    Мне очень приятно.

    Что я хочу сказать тебе.

    1. Спасибо за видео.

    2. Ты произвел на меня впечатление человека не только увлеченного своей работой, но и заинтересованного человека-игрока (6 лет!). Это классно.

    3. Спасибо за адаптацию игры на русском. Я играю меньше тебя. И я даже привыкла к английской версии. Но на родном языке игра гораздо приятнее. Ты же понимаешь, да?

    4. Я хочу тебя спросить, что ты имел ввиду, когда говорил "культурная адаптация"?

    В игре?

    В сообществе?

    О чем речь?

    5. Извини, но я не пониманию зачем для адаптации игры нужна целая команда. Один человек может все перевести. И еще один человек может все "нарисовать". Тут я наверно - чайник.

    5. А к самой игре у меня есть некоторые претензии. Но, понимаешь, я установила у себя уже 5 игр Candy и понимаю, что CCSS самая продвинутая.

    Дим, успехов тебе в игре, а главное в работе.

    И еще раз спасибо за видео!

    Крутой ход.

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,570 Level 5

    G'Day @ElenaVorona

    That's great feedback!!

    I love your question about "cultural adaptation"!!

    Shows were interested and really did enjoy the video!! Well Done!!

    Comments like this I personally find very encouraging and supportive!!!!

  • Hi @Nix66 glad to hear you like the video and the fun fact about the in-game music! I am so happy that you brought up the topic of my cats! I have two: Sasha and Ori. They are still under 1 year old and quite active, but I live in a flat on the 5th floor, so they can only run on a balcony. So I decided to give them tree-like experience with this cat tree. It's a pity that they didn't appear on a video when I was filming it. Perhaps, they will take part in the next video? :)

    I am currently playing level 3070 (sorry, lagging behind a bit!). My game strategy is mixed: I do try to pass the levels without boosters, but if I have them – I use them!

    Speaking of advice, I’d say do what you enjoy: if you like the process of solving the puzzle on a level – then do it, if you prefer to pass the levels as quickly as possible and be the first to complete the episode after its release – do it! My advice – play it the way you enjoy it the most!

  • sandritis2
    sandritis2 Posts: 121 Level 2

    @Dmitry_D. o kak horowo! Ja vot njeponjemaju pochemu v igre jestj ruskij no v mojej ustonovkenoi njetu?i video dlja busteraf toze njetu?😒

  • justjeanniemama
    justjeanniemama Posts: 2 Newbie

    Kool video, in another game I set to english & one of best gamer friends, well my game switched to his language and I didn't even know letters, lol, all fixed! So glad you have game in your language! I am newbie so have fun and keep smiling . Could you teach me 'keep smiling ' in Russian? Just another krazee gamer! (Crazy is not how I like to spell that word lol)

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 107,562 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Tagging @AaronH to see this news who has subscribed Candy Crush Soda Tagging List.

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