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Soda Squad race bug?

laydeebae Posts: 68 Level 2
edited June 2021 in Support

So my team keep getting this bug whenever someone joins or leaves our team, it will mess up our current Soda Squad race.

It happens when someone new joins the team and contibuted points to the race, or someone who joins to check us out and leaves again. It happens either way. We can't see that the new member is playing in the current race, eventhough he/she is.

Because at some time we get a message that a new Soda Squad race has started. That member did contributed to the race, but we couldn't see it and his/her points wasn't counted in our race. And that new member will be in the new race but all the others are still in the old race. We then have to finish the race individually instead of team points. Today, it happened again. It's now 375 points for each member.

It especially sucks for those who don't play that often, because it is going to take a long time for them to finish all 375 points themselves.

And it is also bad for the new member, since he/she thinks that we don't contribute to the race, eventhough we are playing/adding points but in the old race 😔

Which most of the times, the new player leaves the team of that particular reason.

Is this a known bug? Or is this how it works? Because it really isn't fun to play like this.



  • grumpyhugs
    grumpyhugs Posts: 1 Newbie

    I too am having similar problem. I play daily sometime a couple times. But today when I started to play I noticed the race isn't showing. I don't get member lives. I am signed in and my signal is 5 bars. So it's not an interenet issue. I have just completed a super hard level, I was in 3rd place on the episode race. I have no idea where I rank because it's not displaying. Along with the bake a cake is missing too. The only way I have figured out to fix it, is to uninstall the game then reinstall it. But I have been playing for 30 days if/when I uninstall it drops me back down to day one. Has anyone else had this problem? Would love to find a solution

  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 110 Level 3
    edited June 2021

    @grumpyhugs - You are getting a different issue. That would be connection related. I've gotten that a few times as well. Says I'm not connected when I am indeed connected to the internet. When this happens (on my iPhone), I would close the app. Not just exit the game. Actually swipe to close all apps. Then open again and it sometimes works. Other times I have to change my router connection. I have 3 routers in my house (2 are repeaters) and sometimes they get stuck. By switching to a different router it may fix the issue. Other times it's simply the game connection issue and you just have to try again later.

    The issue laydeebae is talking about is not connection related. We are still able to play the game, acquire points and send lives. The problem is that a team member acquired over 300 points for the event and then left the team. The event point counter was still including their points and therefore triggered the next event at 1200 points. However, if you look at our points that are actually being counted for current event, we are still shy 375 points to complete the current event. Therefore, each member of the team will have to acquire those missing 375 points themselves to move on to the next "new" event or let it expire in 9 days. The system will no longer count our points as a team. So even if I acquire 375 points for my team, my teammates will not be able to use those 375 points to count towards their total. Each one of them also have to acquire the 375 points.

    Like laydeebae mentioned, this usually aggravates players and causes us to loose more teammates as they may not understand the issue and think no one is contributing anymore.

    And yes @Nix66 we do not have this issue when everyone stays on the team for a full event run. Only when people leave the team. I track the points for our team on an Excel spreadsheet and can see where things went wrong each time.

  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 110 Level 3
    edited June 2021

    ** Update - Solution to this issue **

    A fellow teammate suggested logging out of the game and logging back in to clear this bug and it works. So if anyone else encounters this issue with it saying a "new Soda Squad has started" and you are still on previous one, go to home, profile and log out. I then exited game and closed the app on my phone. Open back up and log back in. Voila! You will now collect the event rewards and move on to next event.

    Special thanks to teammate Paul for the tip. :)

    @laydeebae @Nix66

  • laydeebae
    laydeebae Posts: 68 Level 2
    edited June 2021

    It worked!! Had to login and out about 10 times for it to work!

    Thanks teammates!! 😊

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,219 Level 3

    @laydeebae  @Calamity_Coyote  @Nix66

    You guys are cool!

    You have found a way out of the situation. Still, the studio must solve this problem globally. This is their grave mistake.

    When I was reading your discussion, I had a question.

    If team members go to the last chest alone, and each player goes by himself, without a team, then each of them will reach the last chest at a different time.

    When does the new event start? When will the first participant open the third chest? Or when will all team members open the third chest?

    The second option would be a nightmare for the team.

    I'm glad you found a way to solve this problem.

    But I hope that moderators, stars and other competent community members will bring this issue to the studio. Only a very small fraction of the players come to the community. The remaining millions of players and their teams now do not know what to do in this situation.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,219 Level 3


    For you, as a princess of CCSS, I create a separate tag))))))

    (I can't edit my previous post to make your name a tag. Maybe my edits will come later, but I can't see them yet).

  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 110 Level 3

    @ElenaVorona Yes, each of us reached the last chest goal at different times. The last time this happened, each member had to acquire an additional 100+ points to complete the event. This time was over 300+. Luckily we found this method to reset the glitch.

    On the last one, once you got those points yourself, you would get the last chest prizes and move to next event and be with the others who already completed. Those who were still stuck in the old event, missed out until they completed the event or let it expire. Those of us who did move on, completed the next event before some of them were able to join us again. So they missed out on the second event rewards that we completed without them. I believe Laydeebae and Nix66 missed out on one of those events as they were stuck on the old one and we completed the next one before they got out of jail.

    So yes, this is bad for those who do not participate on the forum and therefore will not know how to bypass this issue as they may miss out on several events trying to either complete current one or let it expire.

  • umajo
    umajo Posts: 76 Level 2

    had same problem as ladybug, TWICE! Today our team points aren't showing. I wonder why? Looks like since we finished the cake yesterday...

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