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Why won't it connect to the internet

MzUniMzUni Posts: 1 Newbie

It will not connect to internet for me to receive gifts or purchase


  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,661 Legend

    Hi there @MzUni and welcome to our Sodalicious Community!

    It could be several factors affecting your internet connection.

    First check that you have a stable internet connection or that your WiFi signal is strong. Also make sure your internet service provider is not experiencing any issues.

    Next let’s clear your cache and do some troubleshooting. Please do the following:

    First save your game progress. 

    Install any updates for both your device and game app. Then clear the cache of your web browser (history & cookies only do not include the data to clear) and do this ⤵️

    Open your Soda Game / Select Profile / Select Log Out / Force Close the app along with force closing any other open apps / Turn off your device for at least 10 seconds / Turn back on your device / Reopen the app / Log back in to your profile / Open the game.

    Ensure you have enough free memory storage. King Recommends 2 GB free for your device to run smoothly. Without this amount of free memory storage King can not guarantee that your Soda game will operate smoothly.

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  • Maren_B_EliasonMaren_B_Eliason Posts: 10 Level 2

    I have tried all these tips, and all day I have been unable to purchase. It just says "contacting." I have plenty of free storage, and my phone works in all other aspects. No internet issues on any other app. Help? You guys are missing out on my money.

  • Maren_B_EliasonMaren_B_Eliason Posts: 10 Level 2

    And now it seems to have lost all my stored prizes -- I had around 100 of all of the boosters and they are all gone, even though I'm logged in. And my daily progress of over a year is gone. This is ridiculous.

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