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(Finished)🥤 Beat the Mod and win Gold Bars and a Badge 🥤

Yosca Posts: 12,530 Soda Moderator
edited February 2022 in Contests

Hello Soda Crushers! Ready to beat the mod and win that coveted badge? 🤩

You can! Just beat my score 👇

It’s simple. Play level 329 and beat my score 😎

🔔 How

Play level 329 and beat my score

🔔 Prizes

Top 3 highest scores win the Beat the Mods Badge

Top 5 highest scores win 30 GB each

🔔 When

From January 25th until February 8th ending at 5 pm CET

🔔 Rules

Don’t cover your avatar, level number or score

You can use boosters

No limit on screenshots

Only screenshots taken during this competition are allowed, any 'old' screenshots do not count

❗️Note: If you have already won the Beat the Mods Badge you will not receive it again. But you can still win the gold!❗️

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