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( FINISHED( 🤩 Win Gold Bars / Cascade Crasher

Nix66 Posts: 19,877 Sweet Legend
edited April 2022 in Contests
Contest time, Sodalicious Crushers!

Crushing a level is a great feeling! Victory! Watching the Candies cascade at the end of the Crushed level is fun … that is until those party pooping cascade crashers arrive. 😏

You know what I’m talking about! Those different colored Candies that break up the cascade party at the very end of the level. 🙃

This contest is all about those end of level different colored candies. 🍬🍬

▶️ How to participate

Play any Soda level. Take a screenshot of the game board before you play to show what colors are included. Take a screenshot at the end of the level showing what different colored Candies were introduced.

Here is an example of the game board at the beginning of the level ⬇️

Here is an example of that same game board at the end of the level ⬇️

In this example there are 10 different colored Candies. 🍬


Each entry must include 2 screenshots. The first screenshot will need to be of the very beginning game board of the level before you start playing. The second screenshot will need to be of the very end game board of the same level.

Each entry must include the total number of different colored Candies.

No editing. However, you may add your name, initials, or a marking as long as it covers up nothing vital.

No limit on the number of entries.

No restrictions on which levels you may post.

You may replay and repost the same levels.

*️⃣ Prizes

The top 5 players with the most different colored Candies in one single entry (that’s Candies other than those that were originally included on the level) will each win Gold Bars! 🤩

1st Place will receive 50 Gold Bars

2nd Place will receive 40 Gold Bars

3rd Place will receive 30 Gold Bars

4th Place will receive 20 Gold Bars

5th Place will receive 10 Gold Bars

In the event of a tied amount of different colored Candies the player to have first posted the amount will be considered the top player.

🔀 Duration

This contest will run until April 5th 1pm CET

Terms and Conditions here.

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