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Finished - ⭐️ Find the Pot of Gold and Win it! ⭐️

Yosca Posts: 11,408 Soda Moderator
edited January 13 in Contests

Hello Soda Crushers!

It’s time for a new puzzle contest!

You have to take Kimmy to the Pot of Gold, but you also have to pick up 1 Colorbomb along the way to continue your way.

💫 How does it work

  • Color the path that Kimmy has to go along, to pick up 1 Colorbomb and to end up at the Pot of Gold.
  • If you add the image using the paperclip, not everyone will see your image right away 😉

🌟 Winners

  • 5 players with the correct solution will be drawn at random and win 30 gold bars each, in their Soda game!

💥 Duration

  • This contest will run until January 13 at 18:00 CET (6 PM CET)

Have fun!

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