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All features are gone except for the levels but they are frozen



  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,030 Soda Moderator
    edited May 8


    Okay so you changed device where you weren't playing Bake a Cake and levels are not frozen there?

    Community manager told me Studio looked into this problem today but as of now no solution has been found yet unfortunately. I'll let your know when I have more news

    cc @SApple2

  • SApple2
    SApple2 Posts: 254 Level 3


    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I only use one device for this game. I get the daily bonus but after it goes back to the same routine...the lost chef's hat positioning itself to the level that needed to be passed in order to release the team then everything is frozen therefore not getting a chance for other features to show up.

    The thing is, I got a notification that one of my team mates has released us but did not registered to my game.


    Were you able to free your team mates? If you're able to play on your phone, does that mean that only certain devices were affected by freezing game?

    If you read the discussion forum where others are having freezing problem, it seems like it's all connected to losing the chef's hat, the same in this case.

    As I mentioned before, the problem started with releasing my teammates after passing the level where my chef's hat was located. It says, I'm not connected so I can't release them. Then, the baking the cake time ended without releasing my team. Shortly after a new bake the cake came in. Me and my team mates were able to play then I lost my chef's hat. I was still able to play but before reaching the level needed to be passed, a new Candy Crush Soda Saga Update came where my PC gets it automatically. That's when this problem of freezing happened. The new update I believe cannot function properly because of the existing problem with the Bake the Cake that hasn't been resolved. The game freezes because both are interfering with other and the system is not able to take it. It's like two wires in friction with each other that in order to prevent further damage, it has to stop and be dormant. It's just my theory.

  • SApple2
    SApple2 Posts: 254 Level 3

    @Pitty_Kitty @sassebassie @Scooter1948 @grffxprs

    It's working again after the bake the cake ended just now. It released the chef's hat and although I lost some of the reward from the other games I was able to receive all the boosters won by my teammates. 😀

    For now I think it's best not to play the bake the cake until it's fixed. I hope all of you get your game back!

  • sassebassie
    sassebassie Posts: 5 Level 2

    You asked: Were you able to free your team mates? If you're able to play on your phone, does that mean that only certain devices were affected by freezing game?

    On my phone things are different. I'm at the same level, but don't have the boosters, for example. I also don't have the bakery there. I wasn't told (on the iPad) that I could free my team mates and I haven't tried. I stay away from the bakery for now.

  • sassebassie
    sassebassie Posts: 5 Level 2

    Just now read you can play again, good!

  • grffxprs
    grffxprs Posts: 167 Level 3

    Just wanted to ask all of you having troubles if you've tried clearing the cache?? When the troubles started my game was frozen, couldn't do anything and clearing the cache solved the problem.

  • Scooter1948
    Scooter1948 Posts: 4 Newbie

    My screen looks like this

    and nothing works. It's been this way for about 4 days.....just after the new "Activities" opened. I can't go forward or back. Playing on PC with Microsoft app. so can't even clear cache or save to King because doesn't support Soda Saga anymore.

    Game will open on Android, but screen goes black after I make a few moves and game shuts down.

    Is anyone working to fix this???????????

  • Jread
    Jread Posts: 3 Newbie

    I can open the game but it freezes as soon as the daily gift is given. What can I do to get past this

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,542 Soda Moderator
    edited May 11

    Hello @Jread welcome to Soda Community.

    Sorry, we don’t have an update yet. What kind of iOS device do you play on? Go to Settings -General -About - (for example Model number MRY42QL/A)

    Which iOS version do you have?

  • opheliafl
    opheliafl Posts: 2 Newbie

    Game scrolls to the right to show the level where the baking hat is, then it freezes. Has been doing this for a week now. User id 1001763203. Device Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

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