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🏆🏆 Welcome to Adventure Season - Join the Adventure Tournament!

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A new season for Soda has arrived, and this time it’s all about Adventure and what could be better than some friendly competition?🫸🫷Compete against other players in the Adventure Tournament and win part of the 🏆 1.3 Million Gold Bars pot. 🏆

Wait a minute, where is the Season Pass and what’s the story of this Season?

Adventure Season kicks off with a bang, starting with the Adventure Tournament where you have a chance to compete for your share of 1.3 Million Gold Bars. 

To begin with, there is no Season Pass and the story won’t start just yet… But you won’t have to wait long, in a couple of weeks more Adventures await.

How does the Adventure Tournament  work?

Compete against other players in your leaderboard by collecting the new Sapphire Candies. Make sure to stay in the top 3  of the leaderboard to progress to the next round.

The tournament has different rounds, Qualifier, Quarter Final, Semi Final, Final and Wild Card rounds. The Wild Card rounds will give you an extra opportunity to join the tournament even if you earlier did not make it to the next round. 

When is the tournament?

The Adventure Tournament starts on June 15th and ends on July 12th. To find the schedule for the tournament, go to your Soda game, open the Activities widget and click on the Tournament icon to see how much time is left for the next round.

What can I win?

The winners of the tournament will win 50 Gold Bars each!

Are you playing in the Adventure Tournament? Share a screenshot of your leaderboard or comment in this discussion to get the Adventure Tournament badge above added to your community profile.



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