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What's your experience when you ran out of moves? - We want your feedback!



  • Mark_AdcockMark_Adcock Posts: 119 Level 3
    Just to emphasise my point. This morning I come back to a Regular level (1482) which had been giving me trouble. Failed probably 10-15 times, came close once. My first try this morning - it starts with letting me make a colouring candy first move. Second move, it totally randomly puts a wrap next to it. Third move, I combo them. Fourth move, I complete it. In FOUR moves. 26 moves left! What complete and utter garbage. It just proves my point - rigged beyond belief, doomed to fail from the first move but you obviously don't know it, fail multiple times, game eventually feels sorry for you and makes it so easy your Gran could do it. Boring, pointless drivel.
  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,503 Sweet Legend
    Hey guys, I have a question for all of you here!  Would any of you like to create videos for this game, creating the levels with no boosters?  We want to open up a video section for this game, but I am not a good player because the levels are too difficult.  If anyone is interested please let me on @Xarly know.
  • Mark_AdcockMark_Adcock Posts: 119 Level 3
    Elsa said:
    Hey guys, I have a question for all of you here!  Would any of you like to create videos for this game, creating the levels with no boosters?  We want to open up a video section for this game, but I am not a good player because the levels are too difficult.  If anyone is interested please let me on @Xarly know.
    The problem with making a video is it wouldn't necessarily help someone who is stuck. I am on level 1483 and have never used a single booster on any level. As I explained above, the game just lets you win. Watching me pass a level just because the game decides to throw me a ton of colour bombs etc isn't much use. You will just sit there and think "well, anyone could have beaten that..." and you'd be right!
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,499 Community Manager
    edited January 2019
    Hi everyone,

    I can't praise you all enough for coming and sharing your thoughts. You are all a great community and it's amazing to see how, every day, the community just gets stronger and stronger.

    Regarding all the different points that were discussed during my time away, I'd like to share some insights or my two cents. So, wall of text, here it comes!

    • Regarding Daily Login Bonus - As some of you say, this is another free way of getting some boosters or unlimited lives, among different options. If some of you have issues about it, feel free to make a new thread and I'll be happy to take a look at it.
    • Special shoutout to @Alessandro_S for such thorough response (and of course, to all the others that came and commented)! I'm sure others in the Community will benefit from those tips and we definitely appreciate that someone with such level of knowledge of the game comes to let us know his thoughts.
    • Regarding the labelling of the levels per difficulty. Sometimes, player feedback has helped us raise some mistakes but in general, this is always based on data that shows how easy it is for the general player base to beat the level. Based on pure metrics, the levels get labelled.
    • @Mark_Adcock, you are touching very interesting topics with your very valuable feedback (which is very very far from being rubbish by the way!). Before getting deeper into it, I'd like to suggest you not to use garbage to define our game. This is a game that has been played for more than 3 years by literally hundreds of millions of players out there. It is one of the greatest casual games in the mobile gaming industry's history, and I think that this is already a valid enough point to demand that we don't use this term. I understand that, like many games, it can be frustrating at times, but there's very passionate people behind this title that I can tell you truly and deeply care about their product and the players that make it such a huge success.
      That said, I also want to use the space to publicly inform you that there is honestly no such thing. Our levels are based on algorithms that are based on chances. There is a huge combination of different chances and every time a level is replayed, the chances change again. This is the reason why suddenly a level can go from very difficult to surprisingly achievable - it's just a matter of those chances aligning one way or another. This is a factor, and strategy is the other. I, for instance, can be terrible (Full transparency here!). And when I struggle with some level, I will always to go to a colleague here and the way he moves the candies is in a much more strategical way than when I do it. So it's basically a combination of those two things - luck and strategy (and of course, as you said yourself, the goal is always to make it achievable but difficult, more and more so as you reach the highest levels of the game).
    • Regarding the overall feedback, I'd like to thank you all again for taking the time to comment - you guys rock! The team keeps looking at ways of improving the game and here we want to focus on how your experience is when you run out of moves.
    And that said, let's keep the conversation rolling!

    Cheers and Happy New Year to you all,
  • DivaxDivax Posts: 51 Level 3
    @Elsa Lead me to this post. Oh my God, don't even get me started. Once you get past level 1500, it's hardly possible to get past any level without using boosters. I'm presently stuck on level 2436 on CCSoda: 

    There's not enough move to even get past the first stage. Like previous posters suggested, if we can have the option of watching videos to complete levels rather than just tbe option of buying endless golds to win, it will be awesome. Make us watch two or three videos and if after this, we still need more moves then give the option of buying gold. It's de-motivating when you have to play one level over and over again. I watch the ads for booster prior to starting the level, but still boosters don't help when there isn't enough moves. Help us make tbis game fun again for players who are at higher levels. Please. 
    And thanks for asking. I'm glad you gave us this opportunity to voice out our concerns.
    Happy new year everybody!
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,583 Level 5
    Wow, @Elsa! That is so amazing! I’m on Level 1543, plus I play many other sagas. Whew, keeping track of all your levels on multiple sagas can surely be exhausting! 
  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,503 Sweet Legend
    Hi @Joseph45, I am on level 1805 in Soda but I've been players posting here in the community that they are having trouble clearing levels in the 2000s! 
  • Mark_AdcockMark_Adcock Posts: 119 Level 3
    Divax said:
    It's demotivating when you have to play one level over and over again. 
    Yup. Demotivating, boring and ultimately pointless. King like to think that the higher levels are "challenging". Well, quite frankly, the only challenge is being able to stay awake. They are not challenging, because the game just lets you win in the end. They are frustrating and simply challenge your patience. It is also very lazy developing, when they just take a level, reduce the moves by 20, add a load of blockers, and then just call it "super hard". Hardly imaginative. It is zero fun playing the same level over and over and over and getting nowhere. It just encourages people to quit altogether. They say all levels are possible without boosters...well, it is also possible to toss a coin 50 times and hit 50 tails. But would you sit there and try for more than 10 minutes, knowing your only reward for doing so is to go to the next level and have to do it 60 times zzzzzzz? 
  • DivaxDivax Posts: 51 Level 3
    @Mark_Adcock Exactly! You just summed it all up. Now i don't even bother trying to play this level because it's simply a waste of time. I just collect my daily boosters and wait for BGH 😂
  • Alessandro_SAlessandro_S Posts: 314 Level 4
    That's unfortunate, getting that far isn't an easy feat! I will suggest you give another go with my approach, that is - stock up for a couple weeks by only doing quests and BGH, which also gives you gold bars for continues - no new levels. Then when you have say 5 switches, 5 striped hammers, 20 bars and 40 lollipop hammers you try again. Please  B)
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