Candy Crush Soda says No Connection to Server

KennieCatKennieCat Posts: 2
What is going on with "No connection internet" keeps popping up message when start the game in Windows 10. I checked internet status are still connect online. Also I checked my account has been deleted and not surprised what happen to my account. also what is going on now. I snapshot with photo here

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  • KennieCatKennieCat Posts: 2
    Elsa said:
    Hi @KennieCat, thank you for posting here in the community.  Sorry for the delay in responding.  Are you still having this issue today?  Do you still need help?
    I have a question about Candy Crush Friends game, I can't see on screen that too tiny game on Windows 10, There is no settings display screen size for Candy Crush Friend's. that is needed to adjustment screen size in this game. Thank you
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