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Level 1951 is broken

lianatalaskilianatalaski Posts: 5 Level 2
When I pop the blue bottles, it doesn’t always count them towards the total. Because of this glitch I can’t move past level 1951. I’ve wasted countless hammers and boosters trying to pop bottles, only to see them not count. Ive been “stuck” on this level for a couple of weeks now. I’ve tried emailing support 3 times but was told to watch YouTube videos. My issue is not lack of skill or patience. This level is legitimately broken. 

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  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,379 Community Manager
    Accepted Answer
    Hey @lianatalaski ,

    Absolutely yes! I'm happy to help you out and put you there (with the compensation of all things lost as well) :smile: .

    I need something from you though in order to help you out, and that is your Player ID. In the link you'll find a thread on how to get the player ID. Just reply here, under my comment and afterwards I'll be happy to fix things for you.

    Accepted Answer


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