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    Prefered the old version
    @Buglady Thank you for responding, it’s nice that you are on this forum and take us seriously 👍🏻
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    @Xarly said:
     As it stands, the team prefers people to have fun and come often, rather than playing for too long and potentially feeling frustrated and even burning out. That's why the mechanics now aim for a better mechanic and a more fun and engaging experience.
    I have been pondering this for a while and no matter how I try to puzzle it out, it always seems contrary to how the game has changed.  There are several reasons I think this. 
    First is the generosity with playing time.  Between daily bonus, Rainbow Road, Bubblegum Hill, and the Treasure Chests on the map there have been times when I’ve accumulated 7, 8, or even 9 hours of unlimited lives.  It’s a pretty seldom occurrence when I run out of lives before I am ready to quit playing.  While this hasn’t changed (yet?), it does indeed encourage people to play for longer, rather than shorter periods of time.
    Second is the change in the reward structure.  The three “guaranteed” ways to accumulate a cache of boosters were the Quests, Bubblegum Hill and the Rocket Races.  Two of those three are gone and Bubblegum Hill only allows you to earn lollipop hammers.  (Not a complaint—I love BGH as it is and PLEASE don’t mess with it😉). With the current prize structure, it seems I’m receiving significantly more timed rewards and significantly fewer rewards that I can save for use when needed.  This sets up a use it or lose it situation which tends to keep one playing longer.  

    So yeah, I’m confused.
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 168 ✭✭✭
    Buglady said:
    Hi @candysodacrusher!
    I don't have an answer to everything, it's a big game and a big team after all, taking lots of different design decisions all the time. :) 
    The different rewards are considered more or less powerful(I don't know in what order) so they can be handed out with some sense of balance. Whatever we do needs to be with the game balance in mind, it would be less fun if the game is too easy all with having powerful boosters all the time. Or too hard of course. It's all very dynamic, and it affects level designs too. A booster inflation could cause a need to redesign 3000+ levels in the end.

    I know this is not exactly answering your questions, but it's all I have for now..

    Thanks for the response, @Buglady.  It does give me something to think about.  
    Thinking out loud with my fingers—a striped lollipop can take out two whole rows—one horizontal and one vertical, a single lollipop takes out one tile, and a wrapped candy can take out up to 9 tiles, depending on location.    It can also be combined with another special candy for greater effect.  So I’m guessing it has more “value” than I previously gave it credit.  

    But...wrapped candies can easily be created and both types of lollipops, double fish and hand switches can only be earned or purchased.  Hmmmm.  
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    Prefered the old version
    QueenB said:
    Hi everyone,

    We would love to know your thoughts on Rainbow Streak's new look.

    How easy is it to understand the new Rainbow Streak?

    What do you like about the new look and why?

    Any other thoughts?

    Last but not least, don't forget to vote in the poll below 😉

  • Beth_Mc_HughBeth_Mc_Hugh Posts: 2
    Prefered the old version

     The new Rainbow Road/Streak layout is not easy to interpret. Users must refer to the additional "legend" page Road/Streak.  If it's not broke, don't fix it

  • RegalRenzRegalRenz Posts: 6,151 Superstar
    Prefered the old version
    I preferred the old version by far. 

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  • mowiemowie Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Love the new version
    i'm lovin it i'm fairly new to this game but it gives you the determination to keep going.  i'm really enjoying this part i did'nt know about this i was just playing the game now i'm in a group with so many friendly and helpful people.
  • leonypleonyp Posts: 48
    Love the new version
    I love new version!
  • AntheiiaAntheiia Posts: 1
    Prefered the old version
    I preferred the old one. The only problem is i cant click on the road to check my progress like I could with the old one. Plus idk when I get the added 30 minute boosters using this version of rainbow road, before I would know how many levels I needed to pass to get like double fish for 30 min etc. It is just not an interactive as the old one
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    Prefered the old version
    Ok everyone, since i voted, i will tell you and my opinion.
    In August, i tried the both version of Rainbow Streak on my phone to be honest, i preferred the old one.

    Seriously, i missed it when Kimmy (in the beginning of every level and once she had one of her cool forms), she appeared in the centre of the panel, she gave you boosters and she winked to you  like she wanted to say this (Kimmy: I give you these boosters and the rest is up to you! I believe that you can do this! )

    Seriously, it was an extremely cool feature and I loved her forms abit (with Legendary Rainbow Bow to be my favorite) .

    Also, all this was based on my theory and hear it cause you will gonna love it:

    'When Tiffi and Kimmy entered in Candy Kingdom for first time, and thanks to the magic of this Kingdom, these two girls gained some powers so to help their friends and all of the players around. Tiffi as you noticed in Candy Crush Friends Saga gained the power to throw up 3 Swedish Fishes in the panel when she collected 10 red Candies. Kimmy from the other side, and actually her big bow gained a special power. A power to transform into something cool and great and gained the ability to fly and in order to help all of us, she gave us boosters. But in order to keep this power on, Kimmy wanted our give our energy to her and helped her to pass these levels until she reached in her powerful form which was the Legendary Rainbow Bow. '

    As you heard from my story, Kimmy had powers too like Tiffi but now they replaced her powers with those bottles. Really? Ok, I know that they wanted to try this feature but I find it really unfair that Tiffi has powers while Kimmy not.
    Kimmy deserves to be loved and famous just like her sister Tiffi so let's give her a chance and please bring back the old feature so Kimmy's sake. Now seeing those bottles, i really want to take those boosters out and give them to Kimmy ...oh and filled up those bottles with so much soda for her.

    That's all!
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,050 Community Manager
    Hi everyone!

    Just want to thank you again in behalf of the team. I'll un-announce this thread for now to give room for other topics, but happy to keep the conversations around the new rainbow streak vs the old rainbow road happening.


  • KathyrnnKathyrnn Posts: 25 ✭✭
    No different than it was, just a new graphic.  What is interesting is since I updated this week, I’m not seeing ads.  I wonder if your advertisers are aware they’re paying for ads, that players aren’t seeing?
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