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Why did all my boosters dissapear??



  • queen_candy61whester
    queen_candy61whester Posts: 201 Level 3
    I wanting the all boosters.

  • danabosman
    danabosman Posts: 4 Newbie
    I dont know how many or if i recieved gold bars, but thanks a lot! I cant buy any boosters with gold bars, is there any chance i get all of my old boosters back? right now in the game its not really possible to collect boosters like before, because of all the unlimited boosters for a short period of time. (Which is great) but now when those end i cant use anything anymore and since i did nothing like updating, the game didnt crash etc i am dissapointed that i lost all of them and not have them all back.. please let me know if i need to do anything or if it is possible to fix this 

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