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Facebook versus Email Log In

ericeng206 Posts: 10 Level 2
Hello everyone. I am new to CCSS and I love it! However, I would like to ask if anyone can tell me if there is a difference in any in-game boosts, options, restrictions, etc. for when connecting via Facebook versus logging in with email instead? 

I ask because I notice when I read online help-articles on this game that there are certain features that are mentioned that I do not ever see. I have played for a couple weeks so it's not as if I am in the "Tutorial" period of the game. 

For a reference I never get any wheel to spin. I do not get any boots that I can purchase. Sometimes I get a certain "mode" that is activated for Consecutive Wins which allows me to equip/bring up to 5 boots. Which coincidentally happen to be the exact same 5 boots that must choose/select prior to each battle.

I am not connected to Facebook. I log in via email. Thank you for taking time to help me understand if it would actually benefit me to connect to my Facebook account. 


  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,892 Candy Moderator
    Hi @ericeng206
    We warmly welcome you to the Friendly King Community's Candy Crush Soda Saga forum.🤗

    If you don't have a challenge but your friend does, don't worry - you won't be missing out.

    At King, we are constantly looking for ways to make our games more fun, interactive and challenging. Whenever we create a new feature, we always like to test it with a small group of players first, to make sure that they like it as much as we do. To do this we always choose a randomly selected group of players to test the feature and based on their feedback decide whether it's something we want to roll out to all our players or not.  

    Once the testing has taken place, we'll roll it out so more people can play it.  However, due to the huge community of our players who we love, we sometimes have to split it up to make it manageable and accessible.  Millions of players in an event at any time is a lot of work, so we split it up into groups so we can keep it running and you have a better chance of accessing it and succeeding in any competition!

    We appreciate it may be frustrating if your friends have a feature that you don't, but it's highly likely you'll be getting it very soon and bear in mind that when you do have an event or challenge, it's quite likely your friends won't have it this time.  

    Keep an eye out for the latest updates to the game to ensure you benefit from all the new levels and features that we release on a regular basis. 

    You'll get a random chance of free Gumball Goody rewards from the machine at regular intervals, so once you've received the complimentary rewards, you'll find there's a 'cool-down' period before you can claim your next delivery.

    If you'd like to cut the wait time before the delivery, but also increase the number of Gumballs you'll receive, you can take the option to buy a turn of the machine - which will deliver a higher number of gumballs AND a higher chance of them carrying a greater value.

    By tapping the 'i' symbol next to each Gumball machine, you'll be shown the chance rates of receiving the different colored balls and their likely contents.  You'll find boosters, time delivered boosters and also there are some unlimited lives mixed in there too.  Plenty of opportunities!

  • BeckyBubblegum
    BeckyBubblegum Posts: 536 Level 5
    edited November 2019
    Hello, @ericeng206! Welcome to the Community! :waving:
    While I can not answer all of your questions, I can provide you with some insight based on my own experience.
    First off, are you playing via mobile device or PC? There are certain benefits mobile users get that PC users do not, such as the ability to earn boosters by watching ads. Extra challenges and live events are predominately on mobile platforms, so if you are playing via PC and are wondering why you are not getting some of the features other users have, that could be one of the reasons.
    I play Soda Saga predominantly on my laptop while logged in via email. I see no difference in which features are available to me whether I am logged in this way or logged in via my facebook account. If you do not have the option to purchase boosters I am not sure what to tell you. I have seen users complain about not having access to certain features due to the fact they were using an outdated version of their operating system.
    I will tag our community manager @Xarly and @QueenB in the hope they can further assist you in that area. =)
  • ericeng206
    ericeng206 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Hello and thank you for taking time to help me. I wanna respond with a couple things. I am playing on my mobile device, a Samsung. Also I do not get the option to watch any ads. It's not on my screen anywhere. 

    And also I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Its was released in august 2019. This device is currently updated to the latest Android OS version. I only mention this because sometimes people have older devices or OS installed. I literally have the latest device for Samsung. 

    Anyway thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing if you have any more info. Thank you and have a great day!
  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,892 Candy Moderator
    Hi @ericeng206  

    Currently the King has released a large number of new events & offers, and has shared it through a few groups. Not all events/ offers are for everyone. Before any change is implemented a randomly chosen group of players is selected to trial the feature, and based upon how the change is viewed king then decide whether the change is one they want to adopt or not. This feature has been rolled out to different players for a certain amount of time but not everyone will receive this.
    The test group is not selected according to the device i.e. it is randomly selected. Don't be discouraged, your test group may change at any moment.😉

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