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New Rainbow Streak (aka Rainbow Road) - We want your Feedback!



  • BugladyBuglady Posts: 30 Kingster
    The reward is 1 fish that spawns on the game board, not the double delish fish. The issue before was that we showed two fish instead of one which was indeed confusing. Is that what you meant? :)
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  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    Buglady said:
    The reward is 1 fish that spawns on the game board, not the double delish fish. The issue before was that we showed two fish instead of one which was indeed confusing. Is that what you meant? :)
    Thank you.  Yes, that makes sense.
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 15,008 Legend
    I don't see any difference in myself. I also have no idea how it works. I just play. I'm happy when I get my level. I am currently on 1875 and I have a lot of blockers and I am not getting anywhere. The boosters are always placed in such a way that I cannot use them. Always a grip on the empty.
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  • misskarla83misskarla83 Posts: 31 Level 2
    Love the new version
    Oh wow. I randomly got an email about a post here from back in August 2019. I was new to the community and didn't follow up. If I could change my vote I would. Definitely prefer the old version. The new one is not the same; not even close. If you loose a level you loose that bottle from the streak. Each bottle has some boosters that are only good / to be used at the beginning of the level you're in. If you were at the 1st bottle and fail, your next attempt starts with zero boosters (unless you add some from your stash or have some limited timed ones currently active). On the old rainbow road, if you won for example 30 minutes of unlimited double fish and you failed the level, all of your following attempts would still start with double fish until the 30 minutes were up or you ran out of lives; even if you kept falling back within the rainbow road itself you still kept your unlimited 30 minutes of double fish (example). The rainbow streak is so ridiculously frustrating that I actually ignore it and pay attention to the unlimited boosters I have available for a limited time along with batula, the bubblegum hill, and the board game. The board game kind of sucks when I tick 2 tiles, another player ticks another one, and someone starts the next one then makes no progress for days sometimes. I think I posted that in the ideas a couple of weeks ago and I just saw last night that mine got a pop up saying that time was up and as I didn't tick any tiles on that board I didn't earn any rewards then started a new board. I was actually happy to see that. Even though I didn't earn any rewards, it was only fair and I am super thankful for the development team for having made such change and so quickly. I'm sure that many players feel the same way. I apologize for the long and complex post (even though I'm new to the community I do know that there are separate posts for different topics). I'm usually short on time and y'all can clearly see the ADHD in my text lol. Just happy to pitch in here sometimes, thankful for Soda and Friends, hope y'all had a great holiday season, and happy gaming. Moderators, I will try my best to keep posts more organized from now on and thank you for the feedback opportunity. You guys rock.
  • BugladyBuglady Posts: 30 Kingster
    Hi @misskarla83 ! Great to see that this thread engages. :) The rewards from rainbow road hasn't changed from what they were before. The only exception is the extra wrapped candy gift that appeared every 5-6 levels. 

    For Mr Toffees fair, it's another team's creation but I'll make sure they look into this thread too. 

  • Libby47Libby47 Posts: 1 Newbie

    all of a sudden the Rainbow Road has disappeared. It was there yesterday, and today it is gone. Does anybody know what happened to it?

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