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Quite simple idea

Sandra_SanchezSandra_Sanchez Posts: 15 Level 2

My idea is quite simple actually. Please make this game work! I play a life or 2 and then suddenly, the game go blank, mid game. I lose a life and any chance of winning the level at that very moment. It's so unstable, I never know if i will finish the life or not. So yah, make it stop crashing (PS< I tired everything suggested and nothing works. I have tried 2 different browsers too!)


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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,906 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    This is not an idea and it belongs in the support area. because you have a technical problem. Please go to the help center, you may find your help there. Is this an app or directly from King.com from the PC? If you have an app, please deactivate and reinstall it. When uninstalling, boosters and lives can be lost.

    I hope this helps!!!

    @LadyRaffie & @Lola_Pop

  • Sandra_SanchezSandra_Sanchez Posts: 15 Level 2

    I've tried that. The first suggestion I had already tried and the second suggestion, did not work. This has to be on King's end. None of the tried and true methods that work for others, work for me. It is aggravating to be about chugging along (often doing well) to have the game freeze and then go blank. I beg to differ and do believe that it this is suggestion, especially that King get their act together and allow ALL platforms and people to play without crashing, constantly!

  • tratelqalamtratelqalam Posts: 2,560 Level 5

    please deactivate and reinstall it. When uninstalling, boosters and lives can be lost.

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