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Ditte Level 3


  • No BGH here either. But the new version isn't really worth playing anyway with just the one lolly. I have only played a few new levels the last couple of months. Used to wait for new levels Friday. Now the fun has gone as it has in CCS which I haven't played for a while either.
  • Yep 2nd video is still not working when playing Bake a cake. It did work yesterday when playing new levels, but today I lost my chefs hat again😡
  • I haven't played for 3 weeks and reading this doesn't make me want to start again.... I also used to play CCSS, which I also haven't played for weeks 5?6? Not really missing it. Used to be fun. but that was a year or more ago, now both games have become a chore instead of something to look forward to Wednesday and Friday.
  • Here still the 2nd add. Don't know if it's a specific add as the screen goes black instantly. So for the 3rd time I lost my chefs hat😡
  • I`ve also had problems with the adds in Bake a Cake. Yesterday and the day before that I lost my chefs hat because the game froze (black screen) when I asked to see the 2nd of the 3 adds. No problems with the first add.
  • The old BGH was good. Six lollies and gold. But the new version only gave 1 lolly and not much gold either. the last couple of days I've had problems with bake a cake. I can watch adds for extra moves. No problem with the first add, but twice when watching the second the screen went black/froze and all I could to was close…
  • Difficult to find this topic, when you have to get past all the "get your badge" and "let's count this and that".
  • I agree @Goldenswordz . The first 3 episodes were not fun at all. The 4th is better, but by the time I got to it I was just sick of playing, so that took most of the fun out of it. 4 episodes a week is just WAY TOO MUCH. And I also agree with @Michael-6 about the candy necklace, but I guess it's deliberate to make people…
  • And no Kardashians or harvest thing here. Just some purple hearts to collect in something called secret crush.
  • I had a bug in 10270. Had to whack the "jarhead symbol" in the bottom with a hammer to unlock the bottom row as there weren't anymore jarheads left on the board.
  • Oh no. I hadn't seen we got 4 episodes this week. Way too much for my taste.
  • @Michael-6 Yep still lots of sculls and levels where they throw everything in making them too similar. And I find the way candies have started flashing/jumping when a wrap has been set off very annoying. I was lucky to have timed boosters from Fab 5 waiting for me, so that helps.
  • I found 10168 difficult. Other than that only minor problems in the first episode.
  • I have the necklace and THOUGHT I had the episode race. The flag was there, but when I clicked it after the first episode expecting 25 gold bars it instead said pass level 10176 to start the race and then it disappeared😕
  • @EREXG read the quote.
  • 10130 done. Also got the episode race. Started easy, but unlike @Michael-6 I forgot to use pregame boosters in the levels @Johnny_Crush warned about. Initially I didn't think 10125 was so bad, but then realized I needed blockers from the lucky candies and ran out of moves. Had the chance to get through 10129 with just one…
  • @Werner_Cichy abcd says here he used 16 hammers to get through. As far as I remember a player commenting in this thread also mentions using hammers to get through.
  • Apparently it's possible to hammer your way through 10116, if you're willing to use lot's of them.
  • @Johnny_Crush Just what I wanted to hear. They really are doing their best to chase away the players who considered quitting at level 10000, but didn't.
  • I think it has been changed 3 times since it was released on Win 10? First from beyond impossible to needing lots and lots and lots of tries to easy (passed it without problems last Wednesday on my phone) and back to needing lots and lots and lots of tries. I think the 2nd and 4th versions are of about the same level of…

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