💎 Diamond Diaries Poll #1 💎 - What level are you on?

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Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

I am Diamond Lim (also called me Lim is short as well) while I always Diamond Diaries Expert Player! 💍

I am first time to discuss this game's poll for all of the players! 😉

Today I ask you about this game's poll is "What level are you on?" ( Diamond Diaries Saga only )

( Answer your level on comment below if you want to answer 😉 )

You can also check list all of polls here! 😉

💎 Diamond Diaries Poll #1 💎 - What level are you on? 75 votes

Level 1 - 250
Annie_SoutterQueenMiabearwithmeHaleakalaKitKathySuzyQmeemahh[Deleted User]Pitty_KittyCharlettarosemariepahayo1me6412Anahita_2005kay39candymandy61rebelchildBubbleGumSodaperry7575feefee45PinkStrawberry20lkjhhlkccc 35 votes
Level 251 - 500
terrijo48crabapplekaosha1981VnnieVintashanight3moonnangmiloshko84 7 votes
Level 501 - 750
ChrisMillerDebzGamzJamziescharkay13 4 votes
Level 751 - 900
carmenechevarriaRockb84barbaramcgarrity 3 votes
Over Level 901
Diamond LimSockermomjuttyhhicksginaboowandamcmakomakomarshasobathanaMonicaTangumaKChalonSunnyQueen69kando4u3ambrghaniSameeksha3MHastingsubugrlTastieapplesjenniferj147koroka 26 votes

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