(FINISHED) Win Free Gold Bars! Multliple-choice Diamond Diaries Saga contest.

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Lucy wants to know if you have read ‘The History of the Nesting Dolls’ posted in our General Discussions area.

Would you like to learn where they originated?  What about the symbolism of the Matryoshka dolls?  How are they made?  You can read all of this here - The History of the Nesting Dolls.

This is a multiple-choice contest.  You can find all the answers to complete this contest by reading the history of the nesting dolls. 

1. During the 1700s the first nesting doll was created.  Which country created these dolls first?

A. China

B. Japan

C. Russia

D. None of the above


2.  Matryoshka dolls received global exposure in 1900 and won a metal reward when they were displayed at the Exposition Universelle world's fair in Paris.  What metal did the dolls win?

A. Gold

B. Bronze

C. Silver

D. Copper


3. How many dolls are nested inside the largest Matryoshka Russian mother doll?

A. 5

B. 7

C. 9

D. 4


4. What type of wood is used to create these dolls?

A. Oak

B. Lime

C. Birch

D. Rowan


5. What treatment is applied to the dolls before they get painted?

A. Potato paste

B. Lacquer

C. Varnish

D. Wax


6.Today nesting dolls are popular all over the world.  Beyond the traditional dolls, nesting dolls now come in sets of really almost anything you imagine.   If you do a Google search for these Matryoshka nesting dolls, which online store yields more than 8000 results on their website?

A. Amazon

B. The Russian Store

C. Etsy

D. Walmart

  3 players will be randomly chosen to win 25 Gold Bars on their Diamond Diaries game. 

QueenRaffie will contact you once the winners are announced here.

Please have your user ID # ready by following the steps from here.

You have until 19th of November 12:00 CET to participate.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

Good Luck!


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