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(FINISHED) Win 20 Gold Bars. Which piece is missing from Peter's portrait?

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Hey there Diamond Hunters!

Some of you have met the best jeweller designer in the world, some of you not yet (but soon you will)! 
The portrait of Peter was hanging at Bernadetta's home. She just found out the portrait has a missing piece
What a colourful intrigue! 

Can you discover which one is the piece missing from the portrait? 

Choose from the following options which one is the missing piece and comment below with its number

Bernadette will appreciate your help by giving you some brilliant shiny Gold Bars! 

5 players will be randomly picked and receive 20 Gold bars each 🤩 Easy peasy! 

You have until Friday 31st of January 13pm CET to participate!

and remember...

May the Community be with you ;)

- Terms and Conditions here

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