(FINISHED) Win 20 Gold Bars. Which piece is missing from Peter's portrait?



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    Hello everyone! 

    I see a lot of new members in our Community.. SASSY !
    Welcome and happy to have you here guys! :waving:

    I see a lot of guesses on number 3... hope you are sure.. you are competing for a chance to win 20 Gb ;) 

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  • Shay2017Shay2017 Posts: 11 Level 2
    Piece Number 3 is the missing piece!
  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 57,998 Diamond Diaries Moderator
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    Wow! I see so many Diamond Diaries Players have answered this piece on this contest! Well done! 👍

    But... are you sure to choose this piece is correct? 🤨

    And I will tagging all of the Diamond Diaries Players again who haven't join this contest yet (Last Chance to notice) :
    @NatyOliveira, @sunye, @estel2009, @reginass, @ElderCrocker, @cjasminluv, @ClairBear, @diamond20, @shay2017, @vgruber, @ros3, @moname89, @lenoras, @Danielarocha40, @@theresalouise, @nemway, @philipy, @BroBraMomma2, @longstocking, @evroglosses, @Jerrilyn_Harvey, @ℓσℓαℓσℓσ_, @@jinako, @Rosita_Collin, @brroja49, @Mrsfields, @m_khan6064, @Ladybanikiss, @Marcella_UX, @kumari, @fhdsaudi, @LadyScarlett, @caambuj, @Oarres_Esoj, @julietrose4, @Greee, @tepha, @ladydi112, @neka, @janmarsit, @eray08yigit, @idkwhattoput69, @bearwithme, @DeepshikhaSharan, @AllexoS, @caambuj, @fmeade22, @christine88, @LatishaWillyard, @tasn33n, @Spider86, @Wispyhalo6, @pipor, @zenbuddhanc, @Trunky, @Rachyrach1, @Jmisch101, @192837465, @keidi, @sunnymauree, @Johan1978, @angelarighetti, @islamraz, @abnarmez, @monaperez, @ladydi112, @Shehaab, @Badskatan, @ddsnow49, @sslater20, @doraemon02, @Allyrow, @Murica, @lynette, @PummyRaj, @kiara_wael, @RobinCorte, @johamilton, @Elsa, @Foley1362, @mysticalmysty, @paul5473, @jnw1284, @judy1031, @DR8KS, @razaj, @MiaChristine, @Werner_Cichy, @SabrinaM, @Lucas_Yan_Maia, @Kimkay, @KitKathySuzyQ, @Marycross, @Leony, @bluezy, @leonyp, @mlkmnsgrl, @tmarie2983, @linsma, @laurieag, @moocow21, @HellsBelle, @ika62, @maggiecat, @benitalmmaculate, @jnw1284, @pewoheimer,@Francl27, @Eva_PT, @timceqq, @Radusha, @Bronwen, @saalk71, @dianehare, @caper, @pollyusa, @bell0111, @exoa, @scaiva, @mya143, @Diana_Arnn, @aquariusgirl74, @thisismygame, @SeraphicStar, @el_chaskon, @Mongol, @Monika_Jaworek, @Jefferson5, @ksschutz, @maijajamatti, @Bisan, @LStrib, @lojeff4054, @R59767400, @pewoheimer, @judy1031, @naadeali, @martz187, @heathera1 and other Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

    Can you help Bernadetta to choose correct piece on Peter's portrait picture? 🤔

    By the way, this contest is ended on 31st January 2020. (It's 1 week and one day left!) 

    Have a SASSY day! ♥️
  • paul5473paul5473 Posts: 454 Level 4
    Thanks for the tag @Lim !

    Third piece!
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