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(FINISHED) Win Gold Bars! Beat the level score reversed!

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Hello Diamond Hunters!

We know how much you guys like "Beat the Score" for a certain level. Specially since the one you are trying to beat is one of our Superstars or Game Experts.

But! This is time is going to be a little bit tricky 😏

Find below an screenshot of level 75 which our new Game Expert @KitKathySuzyQ has completed.

👉The objective is not to beat her score.


Play this level and screenshot your score. Now reverse your score and there it is!

👉The challenge is to beat her score by reversing yours!

Take as an example the following screenshot.

The score is 24,765. But the reverse score is: 56,742.

👉Upload your screenshot and post your reverse score in the message.

The first 3 players to win will receive shiny Gold Bars on their Diamond Diaries game:

1st place: 30 Gold Bars, 2nd place: 20 Gold Bars and 3rd place:10 Gold Bars

@QueenRaffie will contact you once the winners are announced here.

Please have your user ID # ready by following the steps from here

You have until Wednesday 25th March at 13:00 CET to participate.

Terms and conditions here.


A big thank you to @johamilton for this idea!

Please feel free to vote for your favorite contest here.


You can find out more about our Superstars here

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