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I cannot log in to my King account using my iPhone. I keep getting the message that there is a connection error. I have rebooted, turned of Wi-Fi and tried using cellular data and I still cannot connect to my King account. I do not want to uninstall the app as I do not want to lose my gold bars. Any suggestions?


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    Don't worry! How about you click here (Apple) then read to follow these another troubleshooting steps of login issue/problem that I hope this helps too. 😉

    ⚠️ Note ⚠️

    If you follow uninstall and reinstall any King's Game, you save your game's progress and gold bars are transferred but you have lost all of the boosters and your event will be reset or gone. 

    You can also check solve answer here on There was a connection error. Try again in a bit (Similar your problem) that I hope this helps too while mostly of players have asked this problem too.

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