Level 2320

bianca70bianca70 Posts: 79 Level 2

Level 2320 is so difficult, dubbele flowers and bleu obstacles, that is too difficult, and not enough moves


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 51,625 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Yep! I also tried playing this level also very impossible to us. 😢

    I will asking their team and thank you for your feedback again. 😊

    Except this level, I am asking them Level 2322, 2325 and 2329 are also another impossible.

    Please be patience as their team is still very busy to do and help players on King Community. Thanks! 🙏

    Have a nice and safety day! 😊

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  • erlina1969erlina1969 Posts: 3 Newbie

    It's a very difficult level and unlike other game where we can get free booster everyday there's nothing in diamond diaries . So devastated 😭

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 51,625 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Yep! Me too! Some hard levels are impossible to us on this game. 😢

    I have reported these hard levels to Community Team already. Thank you for your feedback! 😊

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    Have a sassy day! 😊

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