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💎 New Feature in the Diamond Diaries Saga 💎

PummyRaj Posts: 34,189 Candy Moderator

Hello dear @Lola_Pop and the awesome Diamond Collectors 🤗 🤗

Did any of you see this feature in your game?

It appeared in my game on Monday for the first time. Each time it appears, I have been knowing a little more about it 🤔 🧐 🤔

So, this is what I understood so far 🤩 😎

1) These “Booster Buddies” come out to help us, when we are stuck in a level;

2) We will get their help after we try (and lose) a level for more than 4 times;

3) At first, they have appeared only once per level;

4) Today, I have noticed that, they are lending me hand each time I play the level — so far, 6 times. (as you can see, I am stuck in level # 1886)

And, here is how they appear in a level - on the game board 👇 👇

My Feedback —-> So far, I am loving the extra help from these unknown buddies. But, it helps to know more details like — how it works, what triggers it, are we helping those buddies back, etc., etc.,

Dear @Lola_Pop, will you be able to find out any other information about it 🙏🏼

And now, the task for all the Diamond lovers out there 🤩

When you have this feature in your game, will you share what your thoughts are?

Thanks! Let’s have fun and enjoy the game while collecting those precious Diamonds 💎 💎 💎

Have a Dazzling day and a Shining weekend ahead 🌞 ☀️ 🌞


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