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KChalonKChalon Posts: 8 Level 2

We should be able to request gold bars from the community to help win levels, like we do with the lives🤷


  • KChalonKChalon Posts: 8 Level 2

    I need Gold bars now! I should have them already because I earned them in the rival's Challenge.. I am owed 23 gold bars!!!

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    Hello there again! 👋

    You can see Jeweller's Trial rules here :

    How does it work? 🤔

    Okay! When it's your turn now! You look at what's goal (given one type goal only) to be completed such as collect charms, diamonds drop to the necklace line and more. Then you can play next new level only that it can be counted if you complete or fail next new level before time up. 😊

    After you complete the goal, you can get any one of booster randomly. While you can get 1 gold bar on goal bar's goal of this feature but the gold bars still not given to you yet then waiting for rival player will lose or not, it's rival player turn and you wait for rival player is playing the goals too. 😊 When rival player complete the goal, it's back to your turn again! But the goal will become harder to complete! 😮

    If you lose the goal after time up, the rival player win then rival player got how many gold bars (From this feature) to be completed by you and rival player.

    If the rival player lose the goal after time up, it's you win then you got how many gold bars (From this feature) to be completed by you and rival player. 😊

    I hope you can understand to read it. You can also check to read here (What are special features? (Part 2)). 😉

    Except this feature, don't worry! Another features such as Jeweller's Club, City Challenge, Trader Chest, Mystery Quest, Collect the Diamond Mission and Booster Buddies (New Feature) are also helping you to earn gold bars and bossters that you can use boosters to pass tricky levels on this game. We are also creating general/global contests that you can also chance to win gold bars. 😉

    Also check :

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    Have a sassy day! 😊

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