💍 Can you solve these answers from No Colour Image Challenge? (Part 2) ⚫⚪

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Hello Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

I am Diamond Lim (You can also called me "Lim" is short as well) 😊

No Colour Challenge is here again! 😄

** If you don't know how to play this challenge, you can check here to read rules and answers on Part 1. 😉 **

Do you remember what's colour charm with what shaped (also special ray charms), more helpers and blockers on Diamond Diaries Saga again? 😏

If yes, come on! You can join and answer this challenge again now! 😄

So I will give you this no colour image here 😉 :

After checking this no colour image, it's time to give these 3 questions from this image for you. 😉

Q1. How many diamonds need targeted on this image? (Locks are still counted)

Q2. How many one layer of flowers are on this image? (Two or Three layers are not counted)

Q3. How many yellow charms are on this image? (The helpful bird charms are not counted and blocked by ribbons are still counted)

After got answers to check these 3 questions, you don't need to use spoiler feature and just answer these three questions as it's just for fun! 😊

After answering these questions, you can check answers here! 😉

** Psst..! It's not contest, just for fun! 😄 **

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