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Level 2613 Has Incorrect Goal (Fixed) + Level 2603 Is Very Tricky

Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 81,518 Diamond Diaries Moderator
edited December 2021 in Support

Hello there! Diamond Diaries Hunters! 👋

I find Level 2613 has incorrect goal as 4 diamonds are missing. So I have reported to Studio Team to check and fix this level goal should be changed to 12 Diamonds (not 16 Diamonds) as well.

So we will waiting for your this level fixed soon. Please be patience and thank you! 🙏😊

If you want to earn more gold bars on this game, you always collecting all of the diamonds (there are 12 diamonds on this level) when you failed this level. Attention! You make sure have 0 moves left then don't purchase 5 extra moves, then you failed this level but you can earn more 12 diamonds from Bernadetta Mission Feature that you can earn more gold bars on this game until this level fixed. 😊

When you just quit this level before 0 moves left, unfortunately the diamonds cannot be collected.

And finally great news as Level 2613 fixed now (3rd December 2021)! Check here! 😄

Except this level, I find Level 2603 is very tricky to be passed. When you got so close especially as the purple blockers against the diamond if one diamond left from goal. You make sure use use one round hammer booster to hit all layers of purple blockers once that you can passed this level. 😉



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