**💎Diamond Diaries Expert Information💎** (Part 9) - How to earn more points on your score? 🌟

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Hello! Diamond Hunters! I am Diamond Diaries Expert Brilliant Linker! 😊
Today I ask the tip is called "How to earn more points on your score? 🌟 Let's me teach you! 😉

Points earned by linking charms, destroying blockers, linking powerful charms/boosters to destroy them, link dolls and boxes and others
I know you want to earn 3 stars every level and beat their score on leader board! 🌟🌟🌟  🏅
So how to earn more points on your score? 
3-5 charms - 150 - 325 points (too less points)
6-8 charms (line ray blast) - 450 - 775 points (average points) 
9 - 11 charms (cross ray blast) - 975 - 1450 points (cool points) 😊

12 charms(more than 12 charms) (star ray blast) - 1725 points (more than 1725 points) (unbelievable points) 😳

Then you link powerful charms to destroy them to get more score too! 😉

Finally you complete any level to show your final score! 
Line ray blast / Circle blast - 500 points 
Cross ray blast - 1000 points
Star ray blast / color blast - 1500 points
If you have moves left, each moves will got 1000 points 

I show you example, I was playing on level 100 on last 2 weeks then I complete that level! 😉
I got 3 stars 🌟🌟🌟 while I was first player on leader board! 🏅

So I wish you can get more score to earn 3 stars and beat their score! 👍
Good luck and enjoy your playing! 😊
Have a SASSY weekend! Everyone! ❤️

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