How do the beans work in Farm Heroes Saga?

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I have looked everywhere, I am sure it is really obvious but how do the beans work in Farm Heroes? I have managed to collect loads but I don't know how to use them.


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    I want to know why I can send out the lives that are requested but I only get beans everytime I am close 200,000 and haven't a clue on what to use them for. The app is quick to show you how to buy them. Please explain why I can't be sent lives and in hell do you use the beans. It is bad enough the game froze And was told by tech to reload, which it cause my 100 lives to disappear. If this issue can't be explained i will be sure to give very bad reviews for this and all other games from King.
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    Hi @janet126133 welcome to the community. I am sorry you are having a bad experience of the game, its not how we like it to be for you. 
    Firstly do you buy shovels? You can use beans for them and that is how they go very quickly, you can read more about that here:

    When you request lives and players send them back, it works in two ways. If your lives are empty, the lives come through as lives. If however your lives are full or you are offline, they come though as beans instead.
    Unfortunately when you have problems with the game or any other app, developers will always tell you to reload as despite having the perfect game, those gremlins can still appear and the only way to solve it, is to reload. If its a crash, its usually caused by something in your phone software stalling and so it just freezes. The same as on computer. Highly annoying I know, but sometimes even King cannot stop it. 

    If you reinstall the game, as your lives and boosters are saved on your phone memory if there is any interruption or you had a fresh install they are wiped along with the game data. Its not a good idea to save too many lives/boosters for that reason. Also the more lives you have saved up, uses more game data which can lead to the game freezing or having issues. I know that is not ideal, but honestly, its the same with non king apps too.

    I hope you choose to stick with the game :)
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