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Please vote! Accept all button on the mobile app and the new Facebook version!

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Dear @QueenB I love the fact we can now play Farm on windows 10 and on the app, no more Facebook wayhay!

**edit, I did go back to playing via gameroom, but now we have the new improved version (non flash) its going to affect a lot more people so hopefully it might be something that is re-looked at. Especially if people can leave their opinion :D At the time of writing this, today was my first log in on the new version and I have over 500 requests. I do not have time to return them all. I get its good that they don't get lost like they did before, but not when its manually. 

But. I know this has been broached in the past and the studio did say they would consider it if enough people felt the same. But I couldn't get anyone to post then. Now however we have lots of lovely players that post everywhere (this is the point those lovely players give their opinion)

One of the main reasons I stopped playing on mobile, and the only reason I will likely go back to playing through FB game room is the requests. 
I just had 148 with the first time I logged onto the app on windows. 3 of those were lives. 30+ were roadblock requests and the rest were either asking for lives or sending beans. I was there for nearly an hour sending life/roadblock requests and ending up deleting all my beans in the hope I might get a life that I needed to continue playing. I didn't have any more but by then, my playing time was all gone and I had to go back to real life. 

One thing I do like about facebook is you can click accept all. Lives turn into beans, you don't need to both be online to get a life.  I restart the game and have lives waiting. Happy playing. Takes a couple of minutes at the most assuming I have to give permissions again. On mobile it pauses for ages to bring the permission box up or even just to send it. On Facebook we don't seem to have the issue of lives not coming through either!

Could you perhaps pass this feedback back to our lovely studio. I realise they had their reasons for why they took the accept all button away. But if they want to encourage players to use mobiles and windows 10, could we not have the option to either accept all individually or all at once. Maybe something in the settings like they do with candy crush hints that we could turn on or off, or a warning before its confirmed that we understand that it will accept all requests and lives could be wasted. I could live with that.  Unfortunately I don't have the time to play this way :( 
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Great news: Thanks to your feedback, the Accept All button as now been implemented 😃 You guys are what makes this Community vibrant and help us give you the best game experience possible. So big thank you to you all for sharing your thoughts and feedback on the game 🙏 See you around 🍒



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