new format? bonuses lost and cant see area where lives can be sent

gorgor Posts: 6
farm heroes is now a beach scene when i open it. format seems to have changed as i can no longer see the bottom left corner where friends request lives??? In that corner i can only see check marks for level-complete bonuses however it says i have 3 but there are none when i click on it??? Also, I was saving my 2 hour reward bonus and that is now gone since yesterday??? I have also, for no reason lost 2 gold bars??? please help. thank you :)


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    Welcome to our Community @gor ;😃

    When you say new format, can you specify which platform you're playing on? Facebook PC, Android, Apple device? 

    As for the envelope, this has been moved on the game map so it's now on the top right corner.

    The ??? that you're also seeing on the Farm Club are not available. Instead, the levels have been adjusted, so you won't need them at all. Just your ongoing skillful gameplay will be plenty to keep you powering up through the map.

    This also means you'll be able to save more of those valuable Magic Beans toward some helpful Shovel Boosters!

    Regarding the Gold bars, I will need your User ID so we can locate your game records to have a look, this link will help you find it.

    Thanks :) 

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  • gorgor Posts: 6
    There is nothing in the top right corner that shows me where others are requesting lives. It seems to be left of the 'levels complete'.Not sure why there are 3 check marks showing complete levels when there are none?
     I am not worried about the 2 gold bars as i only had 8 anyway but i do want my 2 hours of free play back that i won that disappeared when things changed.
    thank you for your help
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