Roadblock, not able to get past it! (Reported to the Studio)!

caratucaratu Posts: 5 Level 2
edited November 2019 in Support
My Roadblock has been stuck on 3 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes for several days. How do I get it to open?

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  • DueydudeDueydude Posts: 10 New Bee
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  • DueydudeDueydude Posts: 10 New Bee
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    Thanks that worked. I don't understand how it why as I won that game several times. Oh well. I'm still having issues with the game.1) on tractor dash my picture shows up but my wife (Rose) is not. The same thinghappens on her game and I'm not pictured. (2) I can't send her lives in fact many times when I start playing the game the send lives section comes up and there isn't anyone to send.lives shown. (3) that I have one thing to collect.but when I enter there isn't any thing to collect. The same thing happens on her game.
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