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Problem sending lives



  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 5
    @QueenB I logged on on the computer to try ta pass a level there.

    There I saw a box that said confirm mail. But it had the marker you get when it´s ok/done. But I clicked on that. And then it turn to said sent mail.
    I logged in on my mail and I had got a mail from king that welcomed me. But thats the same kind of mail I got when I registreted before.

    So I thougt that maybe that something got wrong the first time and I now was registreted correct.
    So I did the same thing that I did earlier today of reinstalling as you asked. But all the same. And I still getting different userid every time I logging on.

    When I registreted the first time. It came a question if it was a real mailadress. I confirmed that it was real.

    Don´t you accept gmail.com adress. Is that the reason that I haven´t got a userid that´s mine. If you don´t accept gmail you should had sent me a mail that said so. Or you just should denied me an acount.

    But even if I don´t have a correct userid the game should work.
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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 6,819 Community Manager
    Thanks, @piaandersson!

    Player Support would like you to please send them an email here. Make sure you use the following email: [email protected] as this is the email associated with your game so they can have a closer look. 

    Let me know when you've done this so I can give them a heads up. 

    Thanks :) 

  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 5
    edited October 2019
    @QueenB I have sent the mail now. It said that I could shose language so I sent in my own language swedish. Maybe that was wrong. Well I guess I see if I get an answer in the mail.
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 6,819 Community Manager
    Great :)

    Now you've might have received an automated response so just copy what you wrote on your first message and reply back to the automated email.

    This way, a Swedish Player Support will pick this up, but it might take some hours 😉
  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 5
    edited October 2019
    Yes I got that. I thought they would wright another one to me because it says they will contact me. But I have now sent a reply like you said.
    But in the mail from you it said that one should answer above your mail. But in gmail you can´t choose where you wright so my mail are below. So I just wait now then and see what they say.
  • PetapanPetapan Posts: 1 Newbie
    Are the glitches (affecting thousands of us) going to be fixed by the Technical Department?   Cannot Request lives or roadblock help, also don't receive hardly any lives or beans anymore.   On iPhone it's worse in a way, cos when sending or requesting lives you're led to a page saying "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it & be fixed soon" - it's been at least 6 months!
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